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   Hello to anyone who stumbled upon my Journal..Warm welcome to all of you.This a very late Introduction post.I just realized that i still didn't introduced myself in LJ to anyone.So today,i decided to make this entry^^
    You can call me Anna or Maniha...both are not my real name..I don't want to reveal my real name.So you can call me either Anna or Maniha.I'm 22 year old(will be 23 in 3 months^^).My nationality....No,I'm not an indonesian or Malaysian and i'm definitely not a Filipino too.I'm a Pakistani (Don't come near me if you are one of those people who hate my country.I'm quite patriotic^^) Probably the only Pakistani who love HSJ(or jpop)...for now..I don't find any Pakistani who is a jpop lover.Do tell me if you know anyone^^.
   My fandom is mainly HSJ and Arashi..Yes i'm an Arashian too.I just recently got into Arashi.I don't write about Arashi because i still don't know much about this group.I like to complete my homework before writing anything^^..
  I'm a Huge fan of JUMP.I really really love JUMP mostly because it's the only group who can be cute,mature and cool..I don't find a single group who has all these qualities.Plus i love JUMP songs.Especially Ballads..Jump Ballads are heaven for me..
    Since i got know JUMP through Ryosuke Yamada,so He is my ichiban.And i love Ryosuke's voice.He's in my top3 best singers in JUMP.My niban is Chinen just because he's so cute.My sanban are Dai chan and Yabu..I can't choose one of them.I love both.The rest...I'll tell you another time:)
    OTP....Hmmm...Firstly i should tell you that me shipping any 2 members means i love their friendship.Yep,i like to ship those who are obviously great friends.I really like yamachi,Ariyama and Yamakeito.(Add Yabuhika too.Their friendship is so pure^^)...
     I'm not a proffesional subber but i can do timing/typesetting pretty fast(i'm proud of it^^) My japanese skills are only i don't know much japanese.My level is intermediate...I can understand general theme but not exact sentence:( I'll try to learn more*_*)
   You will mostly find my reviews and personal thoughts on singles,albums and drama/movies.I hope you all know what PERSONAL THOUGHTS means...I'm not a critic nor am i actor or singer.I just tell what i feel about it.So just take my reviews lightly.I'm not here to offend anyone.
   I might post subs too..Only those subs in which i'll collaborate with others.My posts are not locked and i hope it remains that way.
   I add all people back.If i don't add you,it means LJ didn't notify me about it..So I hope you can drop a comment down below.Besides it's interesting to know about each other.I love to interact^^...
P.S:  If anyone wants to make me friend on Twitter,You can find me by the name of Maniha@maniha3751'm quite active there(for now)..
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        I sometimes wonder who is my bias actually? Because looks like i love Yuto more than Ryosuke XD..Why the heck i sub Yuto appearances in tv shows instead of Ryosuke? Well,tbh wherever Yuto appears,he make that show really enjoyable...I love to watch Yuto related variety shows..of course i Like Ryosuke's appearance in tv shows too..but Yuto is exceptional..His cheerful personality is really outstanding..I planned to sub this show as a test for myself so i know how much japanese i had learned..Too bad i could only translate 15% of this show:( So i asked [ profile] pururucchi to help me translate...She also started subbing around the time i started subbing Cain and Abel..she subbed Rental Kyuuseishu..We started at same time but she's so ahead of me T_T...She helped me a lot by translating all of the video..Thank you so much dear^^ You worked hard..
     I hope you like this subs...We might've made some mistakes..if there is any,correction are welcomed^^...The download links are down below^^
Enken san is a HENTAII.....Even more than Inoo XD ) journal..She's my raw provider;P Thank you so much for uploading the raw with your crappy internet;)
   Translator: [ profile] pururucchi 
   Timing/Typesetting: [ profile] anna3751 
   QC: [ profile] kawaiijun   My all time best friend who'll help me no matter what..i'm so grateful to her...Thank you so much....
Hardsubs Links:  

  This post will be F-locked after4-5 days i.e after 14 March 2017...If you want to make me friends,please comment on introduction post bc LJ don't notify me about my friends-_____-
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      Good Afternoon to whoever is reading this^^ Happy release day of JUMP's new single "Over The Top"...As usual,fandom got their hands on the songs and pvs+pv making one day before release day;) I hope all of you has listened to these songs by now..If you don't have the mp3 links,you can always search it on [ profile] hey_say community..I have the download link too(Thanks to a friend of mine^^),so you can ask me on DM for it too..
      As always,i'm going to write my personal thoughts about this single now..We got 5 songs in this single plus 2 PVs,which is very rare for JUMP...Hope you enjoy my review^^
Read more... )I really want to know what song you liked? It's fun to know about other's opinion too...Or you can write your own review about,so i can read it too^^
Until next time.Bye...

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     Good Afternoon everybody.I feel like it's been long since i last came here last..During my Hiatus,i saw small clippings of Yuto and Inoo in Meringue episode and i found it quite funny..I hoped someone would announce to sub this,but no one did:( I secretly wished to sub this ep and i asked my Sweet friend [ profile] kawaiijun .. She's so sweet that she didn't said No to my request and accepted to sub this ep even though she had so many presentations( you can't believe me how much she study...She so genius) I am truly grateful to her for helping me with these subs..She translated the whole episode(well not whole,by whole i meant Yuto parts)
     The raw were provided by [ profile] bee_ichigo and [ profile] catfromthestar ..Yes..i asked both of them to provide raw and both of them give me raw... Thank you so much momo san for helping me trim the video.I even encoded all of my videos bc of her tutorial in LJ.It really helped me a lot.Thank you my friend,[ profile] catfromthestar for finding me the raw..I wouldn't have done this subs without the raw video:)
       As for me,i trimmed the video,encoded it to small size,timed it,typesetted the texts and even QC it(well not translations,but rest of parts)...
         Also,i have to say my thanks to [ profile] minamiangel for helping me at the crepe part..Me and my friend was stuck at the Endou san crepe part and we didn't understood it.Minami san helped me at that part and i am truly grateful for it.Thank you.
      Sorry for long appreciation paragraphs,but i have to thank all of them who helped me in this project as i,myself is a dumb person who can't do anything alone:( Links are down below...
Inoo is such a hentai..... )
Also,Happy Birthday Yabu..I'm sorry i couldn't release anything related to you...and i'm sorry for giving Yuto importance on your birthday:( It was just a coincidence that i completed it today.
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       Good Afternoon..Recently,i started to learn how to encode Raw videos.At first,i encoded JCD 2016-2017 and i was amazed by the results of it.I managed to encode 1.3 GB video to 268 mb..I was so happy at my achievement that i decided to encode Sakurai Sho's SP drama Kimi ni Sasageru Emblem..Okay,Honestly this raw video gave me a headache for 3 days.When i encoded it,it only went to 998mb from 1.3 GB..IN 5 HOURS.I got so pissed off that i searched all encoding software and i tried to encode it 3 times.First 2 tries were a total failure..But then i changed some settings(not according to website's instructions) and i managed to encode it from 1.3 GB to 393 mb...I was so happy that i decided to share this raw video with all of you.But then,the uploading took 6 hours:( ..Anyways,i decided to do a post before going on 2 months Hiatus..If anyone of you wants to watch this Sp drama(this drama is soooo good) and you don't have the courage to download a huge file,you can download it from here.This raw file don't belong to me.I DON'T CLAIM THIS RAW VIDEO.I just encoded it to a smaller size and uploaded it on my Mediafire account.For me,the quality is good.Honestly,i don't have any idea what's the different bw HD and MQ files.I just download videos so i can watch it,no matter what the quality is.

For the subs,you can find it in D-addicts

The subs are synchronized with this raw video..
Again,THIS RAW VIDEO IS NOT MINE,NEITHER THESE SUBS..I just encoded it and i'm just giving you the sub's links to it. 
I hope all of you watch this SP drama.It's really inspiring.

P.S: I'm posting this through DW and i'm hating DW now. sigh!!!!
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       Good evening...I thought of making this entry yesterday but i spent my time lurking around twitter:) So it's one day late entry..This year was a blast for me..As i discovered so many new things...I watched so many dramas..Most of them were old dramas but i mangaed to watch 5 dramas which was aired in 2016.So my ranking will be based on these 5 dramas.Here are my Top fave dramas of this year....
New year is going to start soon..... )
  These were my picks for 2016..As i said,i watched around15,20 dramas this year..but most of them were old dramas of JUMP,Kame and Arashi..I only watched these 5 dramas of this year so my ranking revolves around only these 5 dramas.
Tomorrow is Johnny's Countdoen concert.I'm so excited to watch it Live(if my internet don't betray me)...
See you next time..Happy New Year from me.
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          I can finally write my review on Cain and Abel.This was the most anticipated entry i wanted to write this year.This drama was only an okay drama until everyone made it controversial and made it a little bit special(in positive and negative,both ways).I bet those who didn't watched it will be eager to watch it soon.I waited for 2,3 days so that those who didn't watched last episode,can watch it and can read this review without caring about the spoilers.I'm going to give my usual warning here....These are my PERSONAL THOUGHTS... What are you going to read after the cuts are what i think about this drama.If you disagree with me,we can have a friendly conversation in the comment section:) I really have little time in this  fandom,so i want to spend the rest of the time peacefully,without making any enemies:)
Read it at your own risk!! )

   I'm sorry for such a lonnnnngggg review.But i had to say everything.I hope you can tell me your thoughts about this drama too^^
P.S: English is not my first language.You will find many grammatical mistakes.Please ignore it.Also i'm not a person who has a high vocabulary.I use simple words.
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    Morning everybody.Finally it's over..Cain and Abel is finally over with leaving so many controversies among fandom XD.My twiitter was in chaos after the drama ended.Not going to talk about drama much because i'm going to write a review for it as i always do.But this drama was not a TOTAL disappointment for me.Some parts were disappointing but overall i LOVED this drama.I hope you'll all watch this episode with subs again.Because it would be quite disappointing if you only judge this drama just by raw or not going to listen what they actually said.
       This time it was quite hard for me to sub it because this week was hectic for me.I had so many things to do but i also wanted to release it's subs soon.I was making so many mistakes but [ profile] kawaiijun came to my rescue just like a hero..She really saved me from making more mistakes.Actually she did almost half of the subs this time.Thank you so much dear.If you guys found any mistakes,then you should know that it must be me,not her.I'm sorry for some mistakes in this episode...
      Thank you [ profile] aprilfantasie for providing us raws..I decided to use her raws bc her raws matched with jdramacity.Plus she was so fast in uploading raws.Thank you for sacrificing your precious night time for us.
      Again,going to thank my sweet friend [ profile] kawaiijun for staying with me all time,helping me..Although you were busy with your studies,but you still helped me.I'm so glad to be your friend.I really do appreciate all of your hard word.I wish you success for your future.

   Going to insert these 2 pics.Because this was the most lovely scene i ever saw in any drama.I'm so glad this girl is happy.She deserved this happiness.^^
Finale )I'm finally free.Now i have to tell you something.I joined the fansub team of [ profile] portiasleepless They are going to release some subs in near future.For now,i collaborated in 2 projects with them.I might post those subs here too.But if you want to stay updated with more subs,go to her journal...Her subs are really good.
In the end,thank you for staying with me till the end.Thank you to all of you who made me friends.I hope you enjoyed these subs^^
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      Good Evening everybody.I'm finally back to my own track.I missed doing the reviews so much.I was so busy that i forgot to write the review:(...I even listened to all these songs 2 days after it's release(i got the link but for some reason,i couldn't listen to songs)..Today i was totally free(except for the house works ofcourse) so i decided to write this today.These are my PERSONAL THOUGHTS.Honestly,fans still don't know what PERSONAL THOUGHTS mean-_-...No need to bash me if i contradict with your thoughts^^...Let's spend our time on this fandom peacefully^^..Okay,Let's start the review~~
Give me love.... )I hope all of you enjoyed it.This is what I FELT ABOUT IT. I really want to know your opinion about this single too..Do tell me what's your fav songs?
Thank you for reading it.See you next time...
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  Good afternoon everyone.Hope all of you are fine and in good spirits.Just completed episode 9.This episode was sooooo good..Just because of the last 10 minutes.The first half of the drama was quite bland for me.But i'm so glad i didn't closed my streaming site.This episode was worth watching.I highly recommend everyone to start watching this drama and join us in misery of waiting of next episode.Yep,as all of you know,next is the last episode.I was enjoying this drama so much.Time flies so fast :( ..

   Do enjoy this phsyco and evil Yu.This picture still give me chills...I have to watch this scene for 4 times.(because of subbing) and i don't want to seee this face again.But i still want all of you to have a look at his face..He's such a pro at acting.Is this person really an Idol??

Ending is near... )
Enjoy watching it~~~
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Hi!...I managed to finish episode 8 subs...*throwing confetti*...This episode was really intense (and creepy too*shudders*).Looks like the real story begins from here...Now i'm finding so many mysterious characters in this drama...I'm sad now as this drama is going towards it's end..I'm enjoying this drama so much.

Inserting Hikari and Yu pic because i badly want this girl to be happy at the end..She's such a nice girl.
Kowaiiiii........ )
I was checking drama sites yesterday and i saw dramacool upload cain and abel english subbed episodes using my softsubs.Honestly i thought they will ask permission but they didn't.They uploaded it as their own.Frankly,i'm quite angry at their behaviour.So please,I request all of you,DO NOT UPLOAD MY SOFTSUBS ANYWHERE ELSE AND CLAIM THEM AS YOUR OWN..THIS IS QUITE RUDE AND ANNOYING to be very honest.I hope I don't have to write this again.

P.S: Any Six tones fans here? If you are a Six Tone's fan and a Tobikko,Please visit my sweet friend [ profile] catfromthestar  journal.She translate magazines talk..These talks are quite interesting.:):)
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 Finally,I catched up with the series.I'm so happy right now.Thank you so much for all of your comments in previous entries.I hope you all enjoyed my subs.Throwing Confetti... )
    Also i wanted to say something.If anyone of you guys are fan of Six Tones and wants to read their translated magazines talk,you can go to my friend [ profile] catfromthestar journal.She just made her account and is a new translator.You can find Yuto and Inoo's translation parts too.Please be nice to her.

P.S:I uploaded the subs in D-Addicts too.It's my first time using D-Addicts and i'm still confused by it's policies:(:(
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I really want to start my entry with the name of my friend..She helped me a lot.I would've not succeeded in finishing all these subs without her.[ profile] kawaiijun Thank you so much for cooperating with me in this.I'm learning so much from you.I wish you best of luck for your upcoming language exam....I pray for your success!!!
   And now,for the subs....I really tried hard to finish it soon..but looks like i cannot finish it early...I think my limit is 3 days..Maybe when i'm more used to it,I can finish it faster.

Tired..... )Thank you for coming here.
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 Good morning(I'm posting this in morning,so yeah...Morning for me:))..I'm back with Cain and Abel ep5 subs..Again,i translated it with the help of my friend, [ profile] kawaiijun..Thank you so much for helping me..It must be hard for you when i shoved so many sentences towards you(sorry*-*).
    I should remind you all that these are not accurate subs...Some of the sentences just convey the general idea.I did this just for fun(Honestly,i'm getting addicted to this;) ).You can wait for perfect subs from Xai(i don't know when she will post it)..My English is not good,so please forgive me for my crappy english.

Enjoy!! )
Thank you for taking it..I got so much courage by all of the comments posted in previous post..By the way,Ep3 subs are updated in can find it there.
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Hi...I never thought i'll make this entry,but here i am,presenting all of you,my first subbing project.^^.I was so surprised at myself when i first decided to sub this.Long story short,i was bored as i lost my internet connection 4,5 days ago.So out of boredem,i timed the whole Episode of Cain and Abel.After that i kinda get this urge to write the english text in it..So i started adding text,after i got my internet connction back...I got a hugeeeee help from [ profile] kawaiijun ...She helped me a lot..Thank you so much(get lots of kisses and hugs from me.and i'm sorry if i troubled you.)..Also i like to say that [ profile] crystilia_ixora really inspired me to get into this Hole of misery:)..It's really hard to sub a episode..I salute all the subbers in this world...
    Enough with my rants.The download links are bellow.:):)

Enjoy... )
I hope all of you enjoy this episode.I know i should've subbed any itajump ep,but i still decided to do this.
I'm nt an english exper nor a subber,so please forgive for my mistakes and grammars(mostly,as my english sucks when it comes to grammar).
P.S: [ profile] yamachinoo [ profile] chikamichiko How was the surprise?;);)
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