Jul. 25th, 2016

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        Hello everyone!!! Good Afternoon(as it's 12:40 pm here)..Wow it's been almost 2 months since i wrote my last entry..Honestly i was not planning to write this.My original plan was to write a review on Jump's new album "DEAR"..(of course after it's released:)) but,oh well,what can i do...a sweet friend of mine asked me to write this.....HELLO CHIKA!!!!!
     Ok.My plan is to write on recent FNS27 Hour....of course my only interest were Jump's parts..i.e. Itadaki High Jump and Kisumai Busaiku coolaboration...Honestly i was not looking forward to this...I'm not a fan of Kis My Ft2...(yeah you can curse me :P)..And the moment i heard the news of Jump kissing in MOst Kakkoi way,my motivation went down even more...What the!!!!! Why does our Jump need to do these kind of things...Kisumai Busaiku do these things frequently...(I call them Hentai lords:):) ) But Jump is known for their pure image..please let them be like what they are now...Yuto has already shattered my view on him.. I don't want other members to this too...But ,oh well,what can i do??It was decided and it was going to happen no matter what..So i patiently waited for this...
     And that day came .....The collaboration was scheduled very late at night so i figured it's best to see all the clippings after it's uploaded on social media...I'm gonna skip to battles and not gonna talk about their talk and judges comments...
     The first battle was to get back your GF necklace from pool and propose???(that's what i understood) For this battle YABU,YUTO AND HIKARU were choosen(sigh!!!) Hikaru got 2nd place...Hikaru's acting was hilarious...He was so shy but he managed to complete his task...It was good.He definately deserved the 2nd place..Yabu got 4rth place...and wait,i'm gonna say something here ......YABUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT DID YOU DO TO THAT GIRL....YOU LITTLE DEVILLLL!!! WHY DID YOU KISSSSEEDDDD!!!! ok back to where i was...yabu's talk was very long....but his swimming posture(hahahaha) i can only think of a frog(everybody think it was:):) even yabu admitted) and he recruit the necklace aaaannnnnddd He Hugged that girl(panic,panic,Red Alert.Red Alert) not only hug,he kissed at the end(i'm seriously mad)....I don't want to say anything more on this....And the last place was Yuto....Yuto Dear,you deserved that place...that's all i wanna say...please watch it yourself dear readers...
   The Second battle was to take a bath before Date..Yamada,Chinen and Inoo was choosen for this...Chinen got 4RTH place...this was really funny..Chinen baby.....no matter what you do you can't act sexy...please be our cute baby forever...and it was nice that you used your opponent song(everybody go) yes!!!! use your opponent's song to defeat them (haahhahaha)...Inoo got 5th place.What the!!! Inoo you are such a shy person even though you show yourself as a a hentai(hahaha) Please,show your shy personality on TV more often...I love the Shy Inoo!! And Finally Ryosuke,He got 1st place(as expected of him.He's No.1) This was the part wher i should have closed my eyes like a good girl or should have skipped it,but nooo.I shamelessly watched His naked body(forgive me Allah) And,WOW!!! Ryosuke,your abs and Musceles!!! I'm speechless...And honourable mention of Tamamori..his determination to win against jump was admirable....
   The third battle was THE SWIMMING CHALLENGE ... Keito,Daiki,Yuto and Yuya was choosen in this order...Dai chan and yuto slowed the team,so yeah,kisumai won in this....
   AAANNNNNNND HERE IT COMES.The fourth battle....The kakkoi way of kissing your GF on two different scenario..the unlucky members were Yuto,Yuya and Dai chan(cryinggggg hard) ..the first member from Jump was Yuto...He was so surprised to be choosen and he was so nervous(hey yuto,,why are you nervous now..you did BIG THINGS after all) and he acted so poorly and got only 2 points...well yuto,you deserved 0 points for this... the next was Yuya and he was hilarious...The scene was completely shifted to another scene.Yuya was so cute in this...He got 58 points....Thennnnn Dai chan turn came...i was so surprised...how can dai chan act this scene???? Well dai chan tried his best and the scene became serious...still he got 53 points...kisumai won this..what can you expect??they are pro in these kind of things while our pure jump was forced to these...sighhhh!!!!
    SOO...Are you Happy Johnny san??? you made our JUMP do these kind of things.. and where was the collaboration?All of these things were not important things that has to be solved..Even though they used the itadaki commentor voice in the fourth battle but was it really the important issue???  No...this collaboration would have been more entertaining if they did solved REALLY IMPORTANT ISSUES. In short,this show was not my kind of show..It would have been more fun if they did something which were entertaining to both fandoms not only one fandom...So,,,,Fuji Tv staff sans,,,,don't do collaboration show using these two groups again..If you want to do this,please think of something more refreshing and keep in mind both fandoms..
   The only part of FNS27 HOUR which was really fun,entertaining was the SUPER DUNK which JUMP did thrice.All of these Dunks were super doki doki moments for me..They failed on their First Dunk.It was really close but Yuya,unfortunately,failed to dunk.Don't worry Yuya,you did your best. The second dunk was in studio,and they were AMAZING when they succeded in their third try.OMEDETOU JUMP....You all were so cool...the slow motion video showed the kakkoii faces of every member..AHHH I LOVE YOU JUMP.. Good work Yuya,you were great!!!!!
   Lastly they had to do the SUPER DUNK with 27 people...It was super hard..My heart sanked when Ryosuke fell twice..Although he said he was alright,he was not alright at all....come on FUJI TV,they were awake for more than 30 hours and Ryosuke was doing several jobs in between this transmission.They were tired..How come they could succeed in this dunk at the end of transmission?? Ryosuke was apologizing.WHy?Why do you have to apologize?No.It's not your fault..Get a good rest Jump.You did a great job..I'm proud of you..Yabu mentioned in his JUMPPaper that they are heading straight to Osaka for their tour after this.I hope you all reached Osaka safely and getting a good rest now:)
    Phew,that was long..Now,I'll try to review DEAR album as soon as i got the chance to listen it..And this is my personal review.You might disagree with me at various points,but those are my personal thoughts.I'm not trying to hurt anyone's feelings..and i don't use images in my posts.It's hard for me to use images during my own thoughts...so bear with my simple and super plain reviews....Bye for Now....


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