Jul. 30th, 2016

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    Hi!!! I'm really in the mood of writing my journal entries.It's rare for me to write and this is my 3rd entry of the month.I really need to write something.So i thought of ranking my favourite album songs.This album really left me speechless and i can't help but to listen to my top 3 fav songs repeatedly.I'm not including kimi attraction in the list.Invitation is also not included:p...Here's my list of fav album songs in order.

1.My Girl
4.Special Love
7.Tasty U
9.Boku To Keito
10.KISS Diary
11.Mr. Flawless

12.Slow Motion
Konya wa anata no kudokimasu
14.Dream Master
Ai no Shubiduba
Brand New World
18.RUN de Boo!

   I really love My Girl...Yamada and Dai chan did a geat job..The first 7 songs are becoming my all time favourite songs..It's difficult for me to rank the songs from 3 to 7..so i just put it that way.I already reviewed all of these songs except From.I forgot to review it.It's a good song and as the fan reports says,JUMP have represented this song in hilarious way,,so i'm really looking forward to their performance.And Yappari,order is still my least fav song.I just can't listen to it.I tried to but it was too much for me so i stopped.Sorry "order fans".
   I really hope they release their Concert DVD soon...I can't wait to see...Bye for now.Hope we can meet again soon:):):)


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