Aug. 7th, 2016

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     Hi everybody.Looks like i'm not gonna leave this LJ account alone.It was really fun and enjoyable for me to write my personal thoughts here.I loved writing here.As i'm not a person who expresses herself freely but this account is a real blessing for me.I can write anything here and it's really helping me to enhance my writing abilities although it's been 3 years since my studies stopped.But still i'm really learning so much from this.
       I watched Arashi's Ohno and Jun's drama in May/June  and it was really fun to watch these dramas.I loved how funny and cute Ohno's acting was.I wanted to watch Ohno's drama before just because he was Chinen's favourite senpai and this May i was able to watch it.I loved how Ohno tried to develop a love life for himself...It was so much fun to watch his ongoing problems.Not only Ohno but that Johnny's West member(Is he known as Nozomo????) his character was really hilarious.It was a really good drama.While Jun's drama became my Fav drama.His character was really an interesting one and i really wanted to know who he was at the start of the series.Glad they addeed his story too.I love detetctive dramas and this drama was such a unique drama.I never expected this drama to be so good.This drama made me a fan of Jun's acting.I really want to see Jun's new drama.The dance on the  song"WE WILL ROCK YOU" reminded me of my college days as 6 years ago,my classmates used to do this very same dance in our classroom.This felt so nostalgic...
        Also i made my sister an Arashian and a Tobikko..She loved Arashi after i made her watch the The Music Day's performances.She started her search on Arashi and now she wants to watch every drama in which Jun and Sho appeared:):) Even though i'm not a full Arashian yet..And she loves Itadaki High Jump after i showed her the wedding episode.Yayy for me as i'm increasing Tobikkos and Arashians in my country;);)
         I'm watching Yuto's Drama "HOPE" and i loved Yuto's acting.I was not a fan of Yuto's acting after i watched Seikyuu yankees but keiji ballerino changed my thoughts on him and now Hope really made me love his acting.This drama is kind of depressing but every episode till now is ending happily so i'm always looking forward to it's next episode.I really hope this drama continue to be interesting.Till now,it's really enjoyable.I don't know why it's rating is really low.This drama really deserved to be upto 10 atleast.Is Yuto's popularity decreasing?I really wonder this.On the other hand,Inoo's dramas rating went high upto 10.I watched a little bit of first episode,but it really didn't impressed me that much.The plot of this drama is not sounding that great.Well,i'll comment on this drama after i watch all of it's episodes.But it's high rating is really mysterious for me.
           I really hope the rest of the four members of Jump get some dramas for the next year.Really,Takaki deserve to be more on shows and dramas.As for Yabu,He's not for dramas but he can still be on variety shows.I really hope,the next time i write a journal entry,there will be good news from Yabu,Takaki,Hikaru and Keito.Bye fo now.Hope so we meet soon:):)


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