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Hello!!!! I'm back again after 20-25 days...I was quite busy with my real life and it was impossible for me to write a whole entry.So here i am now,bringing another review.Yep,this time it's Assasination Classroom Graduation..I wanted to review this movie even before it's DVD came out.I must remind you again that all these reviews are my personal thoughts.My thoughts may contradict with yours but this doesn't mean that you can start a war with me..And also i'm giving this warning right now.I'm quite harsh in this review so don't read if you are not an open minded person and can't take Yamada's insult..Okay.Let's start my review,Here we go~~~

  Assasination Classroom is one of my Favourite manga and i was expecting so much from it's first movie last year..But,unfortunately the first movie dissappointed me.But then again,I put my hopes on it's Second movie as the second movie has so many awesome scenes..annddd.......I was disappointed again.This movie was a series of disappointment for me..

  •    Firstly,the story kind of changed here.All those good scenes were cut off...I know,it's impossible to include all scenes but still there was this huge gap in movie the whole time i watched it..I couldn't help but point out(to myself) that at this point,there was this scene,that scene and so on.But,the scene where Kayano revealed herself was good.I liked that scene.That scene was almost natural compared to other scenes.But then again,the way they portryaed the scene of students escaping from the cave was not impressive at all.I'm not the director here,but in my opinion,it could've been filmed much better than this.But one thing i should add here,this movie was still better than it's first movie in term of story.The first movie was ruined to be honest..

  • Secondly,The acting was awful.Yes including Yamada...Okay,let's talk about Ryosuke first..His acting in the first movie was kinda plain,not good at all..I was angry when i first saw his acting as Nagisa.Ryosuke is capable of doing so much better than this,but he ruined Nagisa's character.I was hoping he will improve in this movie as his image changed after his role as Semi came out..Ryosuke as Nagisa,it was better than first movie,but still an awful acting..Yes,His acting was not good at all.He sounded so much..womanly..okay before you start bashing me about how Nagisa is feminine in the original story,let me clear my point here.Yes,Nagisa is feminine type,but the way Ryosuke portrayed,NOT IMPRESSIVE..I can't help but see that Ryosuke's acting was forceful here.Yes he can act.He can do cute pose perfectly,but He can't act as a cute person at all..No he can't..His acting as a cute person is the last thing i want to see.He overdid it.He tried to act cute and i can't say he nailed it.For example,his fight scene with Karma...At the end of the scene,when Karma agreed to his ideas and said he can't win against him,the way NAGISA(RYOSUKE) reacted made me do face palm moment.Nope,it was not cute.

          Look at his force smile.I don't want to see Ryosuke doing this ever again..The only scene where he impressed me with his acting is when he faced that jeap/car(whatever) and just stayed on the spot seriously facing the danger..Yep that's my fav scene of this movie.I can see he seriously gave all of his strength to that scene..Or the last scene,where he was on top of Koro sensei,crying while he was going to kill him..I felt there were lump of tears in my throat.He acted so good at those scenes,where he didn't had to act cute.It was like his natural acting abilities came out at those scenes.And that kiss scene,,,PFFFTTT The most annoying scene as it was looking so fake(although it was already fake).
      Suda Masaki's acting as Karma was not good.Karma was portrayed as a mean student  but the evilness in Karma's character in movie was lacking..Karasuma sensei was portrayed as a cool teacher but i don't mind the way Kippei san portrayed it..He added his own coolness in this character.I like his character.Irina was portrayed as sexy teacher which was exactly like manga,but that actress acting was un impressive.Glad there were less scenes of her which made this movie bearable...Kayano acting was okay.Neither good nor bad.
    Overall,This Movie was not my kind of movie.So many cheesy scenes here.Acting wise,It was good at some points..I can say 65% bad acting while35% good acting...Story wise,not good.(original story is great)..I can give 5.5/10...just bc i enjoyed SOME of the scenes...
  I tried to avoid to review this movie at the end but then i thought,i should review it.I want to tell you all that I'm not that dedicated Yamada fanatic fan who'll say PERFECT on his every little act..No,He's not perfect..He has flaws.I got to know his flaws through this movie.And yes,i understand we can't get a perfect movie of a manga..But still all actors were capable of doing much better than this one.I will blame Director of this movie as he failed in doing a good job..

     Phew,i finally finished it.My back hurts now..That's all i wanted to say..Again,THESE ARE MY can disagree with me,but in a polite way..I don't like offensive people.Comments are welcomed here. I hope we can meet again.Bye for now...

Edited: Told you not to read it if you can't handle criticism..If you want to say anything,say it directly to me..Talking bad about this behind my back and indirectly insulting it is a coward act.Say it here.There's this Button called "Post a Comment" :):):)
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