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      Good Evening everybody.I'm finally back to my own track.I missed doing the reviews so much.I was so busy that i forgot to write the review:(...I even listened to all these songs 2 days after it's release(i got the link but for some reason,i couldn't listen to songs)..Today i was totally free(except for the house works ofcourse) so i decided to write this today.These are my PERSONAL THOUGHTS.Honestly,fans still don't know what PERSONAL THOUGHTS mean-_-...No need to bash me if i contradict with your thoughts^^...Let's spend our time on this fandom peacefully^^..Okay,Let's start the review~~
1.Give me Love:
        The first time i heard this song,i instantly fell in love with it.There were no second thoughts.I honestly love this song so much.It's rare for JUMP to sing such songs.The music is really good.The composer really did a good job.Ryosuke starting the song....Is there anything better than this??? His voice suited so well for this song.I loved his singing throughout the song. Surprisingly,i really loved Yuto's voice in it too.I can't imaging anyone singing the secend verse except Yuto..He really fitted well at that spot.Dai chan and chinen supporting Ryosuke's singing part was really good too.Dai chan is really a good singer.I always appreciate his voice in every single song.And Yabu....HE WAS PERFECT.I don't know how many times i said this,but Yabu is one of the best singers in JUMP.No one can beat his singing.He's been pushed to the wall but  still,whenever he gets singing part in songs,he always nail it.And don't get me started on Takaki....Is it just me or Takaki really only got one line in this whole single?? Why is that this beautiful song is lacking Takaki so much?Takaki sang at one time only and he stole my heart away~~Why this beautiful voice is not allowed to sing in the center for at least 30 seconds?This boy may end up leaving entertainment industry if his talents are not used by JOHNNY san-____-
  No need to say anything about Hikaru's singing parts.This boy can sing very well,No doubt about it..He and Dai chan are one of those people whose voices are not only suited for rap but they can sing lines in normal way brilliantly too.I'm so glad Keito is having best moments in his 9 year idol life.He's been given more singing parts and is even coming in front for singing.I hope it remains that way.Inoo...Honestly i'm not a fan of Inoo's voice but i don't mind his singing in JUMP songs ofcourse.He did well in this song.
    As much as i love the song,I really hated the PV tbvh.Maybe i'm dumb and stupid but there was no theme and idea in the PV.The PV was so centre biased.I didn't liked the acting in the PV too..Except for adorable Yabu.It looks like he was out in the real world for the first time XD.He was so excited.Okay,you can say that Ryosuke's stare was intense too(My heart fluttered a bit^^) But, it was not my kind of Pv.I might not see this PV again.
    Okay...I freaked out so much when i heard this song.This song is soooo good.Probably it has the same level to GML.This song made me so excited.After listening to all songs,i put this song on repeat.I listened to it for 10 times(probably)on my first day.Even now,i only listen to this song.It has a cool and mature vibe.The harmony was perfect.I loved how they decided which member should sing which line.Takaki was so good...I LOVE HIS VOICE.Yabu...again,his singing was good.LOL i sounds like a Yabu and Takaki fanatic.But honestly,they both deserve so much...I know many of you don't like Chinen's singing and put him at the bottom of your list.But for me,i don't find any faults in his singing.His voice sometimes fits the song really perfectly.If anyone hasn't listened to this song,i recommend you to listen it.You will definitely enjoy it.It's not a song in which you starts dancing but it's a song which we should listen from time to time^^
    This songs lyrics is really good.But i must say i'm not a fan of this song.It was...okay,i guess.I didn't listened to this song again.I might listen to it after 1-2 years..XD. I don't know what to write.I'm lost at words for this song.Because i don't find any charm points.Arghh i can't say anything..just listen to it.Not my type of song.(sorry jump)
4.Traffic Jam:
      Okay..This is the song which literally got everyone..It got me too..But Glorious had more effect on me.I'm not saying this is a bad song.I love this song.It's in my top3 songs of this single.It was a little bit different song.But the name is really funny.The singing was really good as expected of JUMP.Ryosuke's soft voice was really healing^^
5.Baby I Love You:
      It really didn't impressed me much when i first heard it.But when i heard the full song,i kinda enjoyed it.It was really a lovely,cute song.I really liked the "Love you,love you so much" part in it.JUMP was wishing us Happy New year^^ So cute..I loved the tone of this song.A little bit different having an old vibe in it.But cute..I can't think of any other word then Cute for it.
6. 明日ハレルヤ:
  Can we say this song is cheesy?It sounded a bit cheesy to me.I was bored when i heard it first time.I really wanted to stop this song.The least fav song of this single.Toy is still better than this.Can't say anything more.
My fav songs were definitely GML,Glorious and Traffic Jam.

I hope all of you enjoyed it.This is what I FELT ABOUT IT. I really want to know your opinion about this single too..Do tell me what's your fav songs?
Thank you for reading it.See you next time...
Date: 2016-12-18 04:11 pm (UTC)

From: [identity profile]
Maniha!This is Bella haha(in case u dont know)

well,i have the same top 3 as u,but Traffic Jam is my second~

1.Give Me Love-this is a MUST!i really am agree with your review bout GML,this song is just...LOVE ToT <3 yes,their mv is a bit emm,difficult to understand?hahaha but i really love the making!<33333
2.Traffic Jam-i just love this song maybe TOO MUCH?like Glorious for you,i repeat this song a bit too much haha
3.Glorious and TOY-i just can't decide which one is no.3 hahahaha :v

ouh!i said my top 3 is the same with u but i put TOY as well hahahahaha //whacked

Date: 2016-12-18 04:39 pm (UTC)

From: [identity profile]
my real name is Nabila Ainaa hahaX"D

everyone have their opinion;)
yeah,i love reading your review^^
Date: 2016-12-18 05:02 pm (UTC)

From: [identity profile]
ahh~thank you!:)

welcome back^^haha
Date: 2016-12-21 08:41 pm (UTC)

From: [identity profile]
I agree with you on your review haha. What I really like about the GML song is the combination of voices of ryosuke, daichan and chinen..the three of them singing together gave me goosebumps. I also agree that they should've given yuya more singing time on that song hehe. I also think keito should be given more singing time too, I really like his voice when I first heard his duet song with Ryosuke :) Don't you think that he brings a mature tone to HSJ's songs? (Btw, ryosuke's voice blends perfectly well with all the other jump member's voice. Love his voice so much! )

Lastly, the three songs that caught my attention on this single are of course, GML, Glorious and Traffic Jam :)


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