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          I can finally write my review on Cain and Abel.This was the most anticipated entry i wanted to write this year.This drama was only an okay drama until everyone made it controversial and made it a little bit special(in positive and negative,both ways).I bet those who didn't watched it will be eager to watch it soon.I waited for 2,3 days so that those who didn't watched last episode,can watch it and can read this review without caring about the spoilers.I'm going to give my usual warning here....These are my PERSONAL THOUGHTS... What are you going to read after the cuts are what i think about this drama.If you disagree with me,we can have a friendly conversation in the comment section:) I really have little time in this  fandom,so i want to spend the rest of the time peacefully,without making any enemies:)

  Let's start with a little bit of story review.Conflict between the two brothers...This was the real story of the let's start on this topic first.I hope you understand that there exist such parents who do indiscrimination between their own children.Don't know about you,but i have seen such families.All of my love and affection was for Yu from the very first episode..Not because it was Ryosuke,just because i've seen such children.And such children usually have bright personality like Yu has...But they always hide their wounded heart from others.As soon as the story progressed,we got to see Ryuichi's double nature personality.A good and obedient son,who was secretly pulling his own brother's leg so he can't climb the stairs to the heart of his father.As expected,i developed hatred towards Ryuichi.Yu's first official project played a huge role in his life..He was able to tell others that He,too can do things..Story progressed and we got to see how Takayuki realized Yu's abilities and he gave him the most important project.Yu,fulfilled his father's expectations and became the Director in company.Ryuichi,being furious with Yu's success,ploted Eavesdropping device and was found out by Yu.He was,eventually kicked out of company...The way the story proceeded showing how the battle between two brothers started was very well written by the writer.You can not complain about this.I loved how the writer showed the twists in last3,4 episodes..How Yu was devastated by his brother's action was a remarkable scene.At this point,we saw the interchange of personality.Ryuichi became aware of his wrong actions and was eventually pulled out of darkness by Azusa,his Fiance.This switch was not sudden.People are complaining that Ryuichi's change was very quick..No,it was not quick..He was very well punished in this drama.Being kicked out of the company,even though he was the vice president made him realize the reality that he was wrong.He realized his mistakes.Ryuichi was not a person fully engulfed with darkness.There is a light in every person.Ryuichi found his ray of light with the help of Azusa.I'll talk about Azusa later,firstly i want to concentrate on the brothers.Ryuichi didn't became a goody goody person in an took time.Even though he was a jerk,i was really happy with his personailty change.He was punished.The writer did justice with his character.I don't understand why viewers wanted sad ending for him.Does this mean viewers wanted to convey the message that bad people can't come to good side? In this drama,Ryuichi was fully aware of his mistakes,he wanted to leave the darkness...If the writer didn't made Azusa stand by his side,he would've never came out of it.This world is not as cruel as people think..There should be this word"Forgivness".. We can't survive in this world if we don't learn to forgive people....If we don't forgive each other,then we can say bye bye to this world because it would be full of enemies for us.Why can't you understand this?
    On the other hand,we saw Yu becoming a dark person.He was engulfed by the darkness of his pride and self confidence.Self confidence is a good thing,but it doesn't mean we can't make any mistakes.Yu was so much confident in himself that he thought all his decisions are right.He can never make mistakes.He will be successful in every project he put his hands on.A human is not made perfect...There was this one person who tried to pull him back..Yes,his grandfather.But Yu was so blinded with his pride that he ended up doing wrong things and was send to jail.This dark Yu was the most painful scene for me.I knew this time would come when Yu will become a dark person.I was fully prepared for it.But i was still so sad by his personality change.When a person get's everything he wants,he becomes a selfish person and get's this hunger of getting more.I really liked how writer tried to show this side of people.Such people will hit the wall in the end,because being self confident is not the key to the door of success..A person can't move forward alone.He needs the power of others too.Yu learned this lesson in a hard way.But atleast he learned this.
       The whole crisis of Takada company was solved in the end.Does this matter how many days it took? It's a drama for goodness sake people.They solved the crisis in one episode.Not in one day.Those saying it will take years to solve this blunder wanted 10 episodes for only solving it?Of course director was not going to waste his time.He was not going to show Takayuki dying of heart attack because of this and Ryuichi and Yu being stranded in streets looking for food.The writer gave us the lesson of trusting people at this point.Of course it was a little odd how All the suspicious regarding Kurosawa was vanished.He was the most suspicious person in this drama.But i trusted Kurosawa the moment Momoko said she believe in Kurosawa.Momoko was the most lovely person in this drama..Her bright,cheerful personality,taking care of every member of the family showed her pure love for Takada family.If she choose a person whom she can trust,then there's no way i can't trust her decision.

        Yu's grandfather was a walking philosopher in this drama XD.But seriously,his words were really inspiring.His appearance in every episode made me happy,even though i'm still curious about his past.What happened between him and Takayuki that made Takayuki to discriminate between his two sons.The writer didn't reveal this and it's still a mystery.This is one of those things which disappointed me in this drama.May be some things were not meant to be revealed.^^
          Azusa.....The most discussed character of this drama.It's okay to say that this character is the reason behind clash in this fandom XD.Azusa's character was of a sweet girl who was the Fiance of Ryuichi.But in the middle of drama,she got distracted and started seeking love from Yu.I was against Yu x Azusa relationship from the very start of this whole drama.Azusa going towards Yu was just a temporary lust for love.It was so obvious that she was distracted by Ryuichi's behaviour for a brief moment.She never wanted her relationship with Yu to be romantic.I think all of you are old enough to know that when we face any hardships in life,we seek refuge in this one person who we think can comfort us.And this person doesn't have to be a lover.Azusa going towards Yu was just like she was seeking help from her dear friend.Azusa thought of Yu only as a dear friend,not a lover.She first thought she was in love with Yu,but she soon realized she was not.It was wrong of her to give false hope to Yu..and honestly,i wanted her to have her punishment in the end too.But the way her life went,i think it was enough for her.The humilation she felt by Ryuichi's actions in room and of course,on wedding day was enough lesson for her.Because her crime was not that huge.She ony wanted someone to comfort her so she can face the problem with courage afterwards.She not being angry at Ryuichi's action and still visiting him hoping,that one day he will open the door for her showed how truly she loved him.Yes,Ryuichi treated her harshly,but he realized his mistakes too.No matter what others say,but i really don't understand why they wanted Yu and Azusa to be together?Have you ever thought that if,the writer ended this drama with Yu x Azusa pair,what lesson would it give to world?That's it's okay to steal your brother's Fiance just because of your temporary lust?I don't think japanese culture is naive enough to accept this.Of course i can't accept it either.It's a ridiculous act.And the matter of Azusa leaving her job.If you claim you know japanese culture very well,then you should also know this that in Japan,some women leave their jobs for the sake of their family's future amd children.Ryuichi demanding Azusa to leave her job was not acceptable.Because he only wanted Azusa to be with him and he didn't wanted Azusa to work with Yu.His intentions were not pure.In this case,i didn't Supported Ryuichi's order.That's why Azusa said she'll not quit her job.But when Azusa realized taht Ryuichi is becoming a lonely person and what he needs is affection,Azusa decided to quit her job.Not bc Ryuichi said it,just bc she wanted to protect her future family.This drama was not about "Women's Right". This drama was about family.Regardless of the main theme of this drama,i saw people talking about things which are not related to this drama. By telling about "Women's right" ,are you trying to say that women should not think of her family?That her job should be given priority to family?..I see women sacraficing their jobs for the sake of their family,for the sake of their children.This thing was not that odd.You just need to see this with a different perspective.
         Hikari's character was love-able and pure character.Secretly loving Yu,wishing for his success,waiting in line to get a good luck charm..This is called silent,pure love.Rather than screaming about her love for Yu,she kept it to herself.Yu didn't realized her love,this was the biggest mistake writer made in this script.I think writer should've showed Yu,atleast noticing Hikari's small love actions.But he didn't..He just bammmedddd all this romantic feelings in last episode.Which was wayyyy rushed than expected.But atleast the writer showed how Yu remembers Hikari in his difficult time.I liked how Hikari keeps her love for Yu to herself.Loving doesn't mean we should confess too.This relatonship was not developed in a good way but i still accept it.The scene at illumination park was the most lovely and pure scene in this drama.I loved the whole setting of the scene.Of course I loved THAT scene too.An immature scene,but showed how purely their romance will start^^I love this romance instead of cheesy romance.
        Overall,it was a good drama.I got excited every week.I always anticipated for it's next episode,thinking about how should this drama end.I was sure there will be death of one brother,but writer exceeded my expectations.The ending was unexpected.Acting wise,this drama was a huge success.Every single actor and actress played their role perfectly,no doubt about it.If someone wants to see a good acting,watch this drama.But if someone wants to watch romantic drama,don't watch it.Because this drama is not a good drama for Romance loving people.

      I give this drama 6.5/10...The script was not that good,but is i still enjoyed this drama.1.5 points for this.and 5 points because the acting was great in this drama.I loved everyone's acting.

   I'm sorry for such a lonnnnngggg review.But i had to say everything.I hope you can tell me your thoughts about this drama too^^
P.S: English is not my first language.You will find many grammatical mistakes.Please ignore it.Also i'm not a person who has a high vocabulary.I use simple words.
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