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       Good evening...I thought of making this entry yesterday but i spent my time lurking around twitter:) So it's one day late entry..This year was a blast for me..As i discovered so many new things...I watched so many dramas..Most of them were old dramas but i mangaed to watch 5 dramas which was aired in 2016.So my ranking will be based on these 5 dramas.Here are my Top fave dramas of this year....

1. 99.9 Criminal Lawyer...
    Are you surprised?Are you shocked?I'm sorry Tobikkos but none of JUMP's dramas were worth to claim this no.1 spot. I'm not a fan of Matsumoto Jun..You cans say he's the least fav member of Arashi. When i watched this drama,i was not an Arashian.There was so much hype for Jun and Ohno's drama at that time..And by chance,i joined the community who subbed both of these dramas.I followed the whole drama for 3 months.I didn't waited for it to end before i watch it.Itwas such a good drama.I loved it.Even though Mystery is not my kind of Genre but i loved how funny and hilarious this drama was.If i have to say,I fell in love with this drama just bc of the funny acting of Jin Katagiri who portrayed Tatsuya Akashi..I laughed so hard when i watched first episode.His hilarious and funny actions caught my attention and i decided to give this drama a try.And i was not disappointed by this drama.I came to love Jun's character too(Although i'm still not a fan of him)..I came to like Teruyuki Kagawa's role as Atsuhiro Sada too..There was so much gap in his work life and family life.This is the second character i liked the most..I didn't knew He could portray funny roles too bc i only saw him in Hanzawa Naoki. The second reason i liked this drama was because of the lesson writer gave."There is 0.1% truth behind 99.9% lie"...This line is sooooo deep yet so true.You can't believe how much i learned from this drama.The script was really amazing.I really want to thank the writer for writing the script.He is such a genius.
       Here comes my second fav drama of this year.Many people didn't liked this drama because it was not their "Type"..For me,i totally loved it..Yuto's role as Ichinose was such a motivational and loving role.I loved how Yuto portrayed this role.You will not find any romance in this drama.It's a serious drama..But you will find light comedy in this drama too..This drama was all about encouragement..Your life may not go as you planned but you can find many ways to success..Even if you don't have anything,you don't have to give up"hope"...We always say this "Hope for the best" but do we actually mean it?If you want to get your hopes and spirits high,you definitely have to watch this drama.You might get bored at some points,but overall you will enjoy it...Especially the funny acting of Akito Kiriyama as Shogo Hitomi..Akito's acting is really good in it..Although i'm not a fan of Johnny's West but this boy is in my list of fav johnnys.Also you will find many,many scenes of Yuto's crying.He looks so cute when he cry^^Anyway,This drama is really inspiring.Give it a try.
3.Cain and Abel...
    Again i will ask you,Are you shocked? I must say this here that I'm a person who watch dramas to find Moral lessons in it.For me, This drama was already in my fav list just because we got so many lessons in it.I don't have to repeat all my review here again,but i must say,our views about this drama shows what we actually think about our family...How much we care for "Our" famlies.This drama might be controversial,but i really don't find anything bad in this drama.Of course the script was rushed,but at least we got to know what happened between brothers.We got this lesson of forgiveness..We got this lesson of family importance.At this age,where family values are disappearing...where moral values are considered garbage in other's eyes,the writer tried to make people understand the importance of these things.I don't think the people should bash him just bc of rushed script.At least find some good points in this drama too..I will totally recommend this drama to all of you reading this.Don't expect your preffered ending in this drama.But,you will totally enjoy this drama.Not to mention you will find many sides of Ryosuke's acting.Believe me,you will not regret watching it if you want to see Ryosuke Yamada's flawless acting.
4.Soshite Dare Mo Inaku Natta...
        The master piece of this year..Not because of script..Not because of Fujiwara Tatsuya..Only because of Inoo kei.Am i biased here?No i'm not...I mean it...This was a breakthrough year for Inoo..I was not a fan of Inoo kei's acting as his acting was quite awful in past dramas..But he blowed me away in this drama.I never expected this from him.The plot was mysterious.Like i said,i'm not a fan of mysteries but i enjoyed this drama.I wanted to see more of Inoo kei's fabulous acting.The script was good too.Too bad i figured out Inoo's character in early episodes..I just didn't knew his reasons for doing all these things.And i'm glad there was at least a little mystery left for me..Y ou will enjoy this drama if you are looking for a mystery drama.
5.Sekai Ichi Muzkashii Koi....
       This is my first time seeing Ohno's acting..Ohno's acting was kind his usual self XD I'm kidding..His role was of a man who is strict,can speak up his mind(so like Ohno XD) and the person who don't know how to love..The plot was kind of interesting so i watched it.As i was watching 99.9% Criminal lawyer at the same time too,i admit this drama's story looked lame infront of Jun's drama.But i enjoyed this drama.Ohno's character was funny.I didn't quite like Haru's acting.Maybe bc her role was plain.But overall,you can watch it for a light laugh and some mediocre romance(sorry Ohno's fan,even though Ohno is my ichiban in arashi)

  These were my picks for 2016..As i said,i watched around15,20 dramas this year..but most of them were old dramas of JUMP,Kame and Arashi..I only watched these 5 dramas of this year so my ranking revolves around only these 5 dramas.
Tomorrow is Johnny's Countdoen concert.I'm so excited to watch it Live(if my internet don't betray me)...
See you next time..Happy New Year from me.
Date: 2016-12-30 02:27 pm (UTC)

From: [identity profile]
Hahaha. I can relate to this list. Even though I am a tobikko, non of jump dramas would be 1st in my list too. I haven't watched a lot of new dramas too so if I am to make my top 5 list it would be like this but not in the same order. lol. I was kinda shocked when I saw this list. I was like "woah, We have the same list of dramas that we watched this 2016". hahhaha.
Sekai Ichi Muzukashi Koi Would be 1st in my list since Ohno is my ichiban in Arashi. (lol not being biased here). I just loved his role in this drama. BTW I recommend you to watch Shinigami-Kun, another drama of Ohno with Mirei Kiritani. Next in the list would be 99.9% Criminal law. I'm not a fan of Matsujun but Iove his role in this drama. The happy go lucky Jun plus it is a mystery drama, my fave genre in dramas. The 3rd on my list is And then there were none by Inoo. OMG!! Inoo has grown up TT_TT. Where did that cute Inoo went in this drama? Next will be CaiAbe, yup this is my fourth in the list eventhough Yama is my I was just thinking that if this drama was not acted out by Yama maybe this will be not in the list. (sorry) LAst will be Hope. This will be the last because just like what you said. Some people don't like it because it was not there type. And I am one of them. Sorry. But I love Yuto so this will be in my list <3. hahha

P.S. uhmm? can I ask where can I see the live streaming of johhny's Countdown? Onegai?
Date: 2016-12-30 02:59 pm (UTC)

From: [identity profile]
Same, Most of the dramas I watched this year was from Arashi, HSJ and old dramas including Kisumai, Smap And Shiori dramas. (lol. Only shiori dramas. so biased.)
Maou is in my to be watched list. Ohno was so different in that drama. As for now I am currently watching "The Quiz Show" by Sho. The dual personality Sho in this drama is so <3.

BTW thanks so much for the link, ;*
Date: 2017-01-01 10:32 pm (UTC)

From: [identity profile]

Ahh,I watched too many dramas this year.but well,i choose matsujun drama as number 1 choice and recommend this to everyone. Jump member's drama that i watched this year were Hope,soshidare,okitegami kyoko biboroku, and Nezumi edo(yuyan only appeared on one episode, but i watched this drama for different reason. Yesss... Taiga).
The rest i watched kaito yamaneko,higanbana. Oh....hapimari and Ohno's drama.
Almost all of my drama choices are mystery and detective drama ๐Ÿ˜‚

Waiiiitt...I forgot Keiji Ballerino. It's drama too, drama SP atleast.


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