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       Good Afternoon..Recently,i started to learn how to encode Raw videos.At first,i encoded JCD 2016-2017 and i was amazed by the results of it.I managed to encode 1.3 GB video to 268 mb..I was so happy at my achievement that i decided to encode Sakurai Sho's SP drama Kimi ni Sasageru Emblem..Okay,Honestly this raw video gave me a headache for 3 days.When i encoded it,it only went to 998mb from 1.3 GB..IN 5 HOURS.I got so pissed off that i searched all encoding software and i tried to encode it 3 times.First 2 tries were a total failure..But then i changed some settings(not according to website's instructions) and i managed to encode it from 1.3 GB to 393 mb...I was so happy that i decided to share this raw video with all of you.But then,the uploading took 6 hours:( ..Anyways,i decided to do a post before going on 2 months Hiatus..If anyone of you wants to watch this Sp drama(this drama is soooo good) and you don't have the courage to download a huge file,you can download it from here.This raw file don't belong to me.I DON'T CLAIM THIS RAW VIDEO.I just encoded it to a smaller size and uploaded it on my Mediafire account.For me,the quality is good.Honestly,i don't have any idea what's the different bw HD and MQ files.I just download videos so i can watch it,no matter what the quality is.

For the subs,you can find it in D-addicts

The subs are synchronized with this raw video..
Again,THIS RAW VIDEO IS NOT MINE,NEITHER THESE SUBS..I just encoded it and i'm just giving you the sub's links to it. 
I hope all of you watch this SP drama.It's really inspiring.

P.S: I'm posting this through DW and i'm hating DW now. sigh!!!!
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