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      Good Afternoon to whoever is reading this^^ Happy release day of JUMP's new single "Over The Top"...As usual,fandom got their hands on the songs and pvs+pv making one day before release day;) I hope all of you has listened to these songs by now..If you don't have the mp3 links,you can always search it on [ profile] hey_say community..I have the download link too(Thanks to a friend of mine^^),so you can ask me on DM for it too..
      As always,i'm going to write my personal thoughts about this single now..We got 5 songs in this single plus 2 PVs,which is very rare for JUMP...Hope you enjoy my review^^
1...Over The Top.
         The main song of this single.It is served as the opening(or closing?? idk:) ) of an anime..When i heard it for the first time,i was not a fan of this song..It sounded a little bit cheesy to me.But i refrained myself from hating this song.I waited  for the Full PV of course..Sometimes,you don't like a song when you first hear it but our opinion might change after watching the PV.This happened to me this time:) As much as i disliked the song,i became a fan of its dance performance.I'm not a dancer,but seeing JUMP performing a really hard dance,made me realize how hard JUMP worked on this PV..All the black outfits and the intense light shining on them really mesmerized me.And i came to like the song too..It was not that bad as i thought it was..It has this anime vibe just like Fantastic Time song. The dance was cool...and had this amazing feeling.We got to see Our JUMP members getting equal screen time..I'm actually shocked that Ryosuke was not the center in most of the PV..I'm not complaining..It feels different to see him going on sideways as in the last single,he was totally in the center.We got to see more Chinen,Takaki,Inoo and Dai chan in it...Not to mention Keito^^It was kind of refreshing to see them..I love their Choreographer who made sure to give equal screen time.. As usual,Takaki can't lip sync XD..I hope he learns to Lip sync...He should take lessons from Keito:) It was a good song..I'm looking forward to it's live performances on TV shows^^
2...Funky Time.
            We got a second PV for this single...Yayyyy^^ It was so refreshing to see a fresh,cool and baka JUMP in this PV...A simple PV with kirakira vibe in it...The song itself was really fun...I enjoyed listening to it..Yappari,it's better to listen to full song rather than listening to a short preview...I kind of ignored this song too when it's preview came..But now i can say,it's a really really good song...We got to see so many funny scenes in it...It looked like Members really enjoyed a lot during the making of this PV..We got to see OTPs everywhere..I guess everyone is happy to watch this PV..I was happy bc i got to see Inooyama moments in it^^ For those  of you who don't know,i recently got interested in Inooyama.... Of course there is no friendship among them,but it's so fun to see them fighting each other...Their true baka personality is revealed when they are together...I love how they fight and make the show entertaining..I hope we can get to see more Inooyama moments^^... 
            Funky Time PV was all about acting  like their true self..I wonder what will they do if they got to perform this live? I hope they can perform both songs on TV shows..It's their 10th anniversary, They should be given this chance to perform 2 songs now..
3...Our Days.
            My Happiness=JUMP singing Ballad.... Even before the single was released,i already decided what's my top fav song is^^ When it's preview came out,everyone was saying there is an arashi vibe in it..I felt this too..and honestly,i don't mind it..I like Arashi songs...But to tell the truth,even if it has arashi vibe,You can't deny their was JUMP's own colorful vibe in it too...My first impression was of arashi but then,as i listened to it further,i found my JUMP in it..I'm pretty sure most of the fans found this usual JUMP in it..This ballad was exactly what i expected it to be.Breathtaking,Extremely Impressive and an inspiring song..It was expected this song would be wonderful.It was their 10th anniversary song.With the theme of graduation,we can see how far JUMP has come in these 10 Years..There were hurdles in their path but look at them now..They are considered the next arashi.They still have a long way to go,but i'm pretty sure they will reach that level soon.. We can see the variety in their songs..I feel so grateful when i listened to this song..How good their singing is now..They were so immature back then..They've grown up...Even if you are not a fan of ballads,but you must've felt this stirring feeling inside you.. JUMP will definitely perform this song in their concerts...Now i envy those fans who will get this opportunity to listen to this song live..My No.1 song of this single...Great job JUMP^^
         JUMP is on the full mode of doing a PARTY...I like it when JUMP try to challenge themselves by singing different kind of songs...Honestly i like this song more than Funky Time..It's not that i don't like Funky time..If i have choice to listen to 1 song among them,i will choose party..It has a really cheerful vibe..I loved how they sang this song..they made full use of their voices in it..This song is really suitable for Parties... At this point,i wished JUMP would sing all these songs live...It's frustrating to imagine that we might don't get live performance of one of these songs:( 
5....Vanilla Ice.
          And when i thought this single is going towards a good direction,this song came....My leassstttttt fav song of this single..Firstly,i didn't liked the music..It was kind of cheesy...i couldn't understand what's the charm of this song? As much as i love JUMP's voices,i can't listen to this song again..It has this old,classic vibe...and not a good one..I was almost at the verge of deleting this song,without even listening to it completely..That's all i have to say.
         All in all,it was a good single..My favorite were Our days,Party and Funky time...I like Over the Top too but sadly,it's not on the TOP of my list:) But i would like to see it's dance every once in a while..The dance is really good:)

 I really want to know what song you liked? It's fun to know about other's opinion too...Or you can write your own review about,so i can read it too^^
Until next time.Bye...

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