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    Hello!!!! It's been a while...It's not that i was busy so i couldn't write anything..I just don't know what to write since there was nothing special to me last month (ah let me appologize for not writing anything for Yuto's Birthday as my internet connection was lost for a week and i didn't want to write a Belated Birthday post for him) BUT this month is special.This day,is special to me.Exactly one year ago,I, got this opportunity to know Hey Say JUMP!!! YES!!!! Today,I'm celebrating my First Anniversary with JUMP...(throwing confetti!!!) Honestly,if i had access to control my LJ,i definitely would've decorated my Journal with Balloons and glittering tapes...No Worries, i can celebrate without those things....
      Well,September 1st is not the exact date of my anniversary.But i clearly remember that it was first five days of this month so i thought i should make September 1st,my anniversary date...And my story of becoming a Tobikko is already written in Ryosuke's Birthday,no need to rewrite it here..It will be a waste(but that story is special to me,so i would like you to read it:) )
      It took me some time to get familiar with JUMP.Youtube don't have ALL JUMP PV's so it was difficult for me to search for all videos on other sites....and of course,i didn't even knew what LJ was,so,yeah,it was quite stressful for me...But i managed to get my hands on all those PV's (as JE was not threatning FB pages at that time and those FB pages had a lot,a lot of treasures related to JUMP ) I instantly became a fan of JUMP... I didn't think twice before joining this fandom...I must say here,i was not a fan of music...i only listened to some Indian songs which my classmates suggested to me..I was a fan of GHAZALS(a type of poem with really,really deep meanings.i'm still a fan of them )I don't know how i was trapped in this World. My ticket to JPOP was EXILE'S "I Wish For You" and Ryosuke's Yamada's "Mystery Virgin"..So i had two choices at that time but i choosed JUMP..WHY???? Simple... I was attracted to JUMP's cuteness...Cuteness  was the main factor..But then i was attracted to JUMP's maturity in "Ride With Me" and their coolness in "Aino Arika"..I never saw a single group who can be cute,cool and mature at the same time..Yes,you will never find a single group in JPOP with these features...And these were the main reasons for me to choose this group...Even if i enter other fandoms but my main group will always be Hey Say JUMP!!!!
       I'm really happy that i choosed this group and not EXILE... Even though ARASHI was also in my list but i just threw ARASHI at a side at that time(i'm really sorry ARASHI for that time) I love all members in JUMP.I don't hate a single member...Yes,my likeness for certain members may be a bit low but that doesn't mean that i hate them and want them to leave JUMP.The JUMP i'm seeing today is the efforts of all these 9 members...Whenever i listen to their songs,i always feel the importance of every single members...JUMP cannot sing a song ,if a single member is dropped out.I will not find pleasure in their songs..So,i definitely don't want to see less than 9 members in JUMP...
      I hope,I can celebrate these anniversaries every year...OH,i have an annoucement to make,,I am an official ARASHIAN now...HOW? well like i said i noticed ARASHI at the start but i just didn't want to be Arashian but i was drawn to them again when they sang their new single "Power Of Paradise" on Music Day...and i couldn't stop myself anymore.I was waiting for their concert DVD,I'm watching every Arashi shows...I guess these are the symptoms of becoming a Fan,right???I considered V6 and Arashi,but then i realized i'm not ready to become a fan of V6 right i choosed Arashi..may be i'll choose V6 after one year:p....
      That's all for now..I hope i can write more frequently from now on...Bye!!


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