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     Good Afternoon everybody.I feel like it's been long since i last came here last..During my Hiatus,i saw small clippings of Yuto and Inoo in Meringue episode and i found it quite funny..I hoped someone would announce to sub this,but no one did:( I secretly wished to sub this ep and i asked my Sweet friend [ profile] kawaiijun .. She's so sweet that she didn't said No to my request and accepted to sub this ep even though she had so many presentations( you can't believe me how much she study...She so genius) I am truly grateful to her for helping me with these subs..She translated the whole episode(well not whole,by whole i meant Yuto parts)
     The raw were provided by [ profile] bee_ichigo and [ profile] catfromthestar ..Yes..i asked both of them to provide raw and both of them give me raw... Thank you so much momo san for helping me trim the video.I even encoded all of my videos bc of her tutorial in LJ.It really helped me a lot.Thank you my friend,[ profile] catfromthestar for finding me the raw..I wouldn't have done this subs without the raw video:)
       As for me,i trimmed the video,encoded it to small size,timed it,typesetted the texts and even QC it(well not translations,but rest of parts)...
         Also,i have to say my thanks to [ profile] minamiangel for helping me at the crepe part..Me and my friend was stuck at the Endou san crepe part and we didn't understood it.Minami san helped me at that part and i am truly grateful for it.Thank you.
      Sorry for long appreciation paragraphs,but i have to thank all of them who helped me in this project as i,myself is a dumb person who can't do anything alone:( Links are down below...
Inoo is such a hentai..... )
Also,Happy Birthday Yabu..I'm sorry i couldn't release anything related to you...and i'm sorry for giving Yuto importance on your birthday:( It was just a coincidence that i completed it today.
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   Good afternoon....Last week was so hectic for me..but still i managed to wach Itadaki high JUMP and Hope.and last night,i finally watched soshite dare mo inaku natta last episode...So,as promised,here's my short review of the drama.
     This drama was Okay to me..It was a good drama..A boy being abandoned by his mother and his revenge for his step brother.. but i must say here,this drama's suspense and mystery was all gone when the director decided to let Inoo do the promotion.I knew from the start that Inoo was the mastermind behind it..I'm not saying that Inoo should've not allowed to do the promotion and he doesn't deserve it..I'm saying this based on the storyline.Inoo's character was the big one..when he started doing the promotions,i believe everyone must've thought that Inoo's Role is some kind of an important role..Imagine if Inoo never promoted it and BAAMMM in ep 8,we knew Inoo was the mastermind behind all of it.The shock we got from Inoo would've been great and i believe the drama would've got more ratings from this...Okay enough with this..
     The story started with Todo Shinchi being the main lead but somehow his lead was shattered by Eiji...Seriously,Inoo's Fabulous acting got me..He portrayed the goody goody role at first and then he changed into the psychic,murderous Eiji..I loved this switch.His acting was soooo good...I watched Doctor X and i was expecting so much from him.And he didn't let me down.This Drama was worth watching only because Inoo acted so well in this.He got me in the last episode.I never ever saw such a painful psychic role being portrayed so well.When Eiji's mother called him Tomoya and the way Eiji(or Tomoya) reacted,i really felt so sad at his painful life.His mother abandoned him for money,made Shinchi his beloved son,imagine what difficulties that child must've experienced.Eiji's true character was revealed only in last episode and only in one episode,Inoo managed to show how lonely Eiji was..His lonliness made him pychic and he only wanted to destroy Shinchi and take his revenge..He didn't asked his mother to live with him,he asked her to compensate by helping him..Wow,Inoo you are so cruel.Well his mother was at fault..She is the real reason behind Eiji's it was natural for Eiji to hate Shinchi as he took his mother.
                            Yes Inoo,i get it,You're lonely,Psychic and a wonderful actor...
     Fujiwara also acted good but His "EH" in every episode was not impressive.If he wants to look shocked,he must find another way...And the most interesting character in this drama after Inoo's was Baba san...His scenes were really short but I loved Baba san's charater.Okay,He was evil too but i still loved it..The most annoying character....hmmmm... Sanae.Yep,i didn't liked her acting and secondly i hated Sanae when she didn't believed Shinchi..Honestly i was mad at her for whole one week..Osanae was looking like the villian of this drama but i knew he was not..His acting was great.I loved it..Evil looking friend but at the end,he saved Shinchi...
    All in all,it was a good drama.Not awesome nor splendid..Only acting wise this drama was great..the plot was okay.Inoo's acting,SPLENDID...He improved a lot..I hope His Peach Girl movie is great..I'm so looking forward to it.In the end,i give this drama a rating of 7/10..and of course,mainly because of Inoo's acting.That's all from me.I hope whoever is reading this will tell me Her thoughts in the comments below.See you next time.


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