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       Good evening...I thought of making this entry yesterday but i spent my time lurking around twitter:) So it's one day late entry..This year was a blast for me..As i discovered so many new things...I watched so many dramas..Most of them were old dramas but i mangaed to watch 5 dramas which was aired in 2016.So my ranking will be based on these 5 dramas.Here are my Top fave dramas of this year....
New year is going to start soon..... )
  These were my picks for 2016..As i said,i watched around15,20 dramas this year..but most of them were old dramas of JUMP,Kame and Arashi..I only watched these 5 dramas of this year so my ranking revolves around only these 5 dramas.
Tomorrow is Johnny's Countdoen concert.I'm so excited to watch it Live(if my internet don't betray me)...
See you next time..Happy New Year from me.
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   Hello to anyone who stumbled upon my Journal..Warm welcome to all of you.This a very late Introduction post.I just realized that i still didn't introduced myself in LJ to anyone.So today,i decided to make this entry^^
    You can call me Anna or Maniha...both are not my real name..I don't want to reveal my real name.So you can call me either Anna or Maniha.I'm 22 year old(will be 23 in 3 months^^).My nationality....No,I'm not an indonesian or Malaysian and i'm definitely not a Filipino too.I'm a Pakistani (Don't come near me if you are one of those people who hate my country.I'm quite patriotic^^) Probably the only Pakistani who love HSJ(or jpop)...for now..I don't find any Pakistani who is a jpop lover.Do tell me if you know anyone^^.
   My fandom is mainly HSJ and Arashi..Yes i'm an Arashian too.I just recently got into Arashi.I don't write about Arashi because i still don't know much about this group.I like to complete my homework before writing anything^^..
  I'm a Huge fan of JUMP.I really really love JUMP mostly because it's the only group who can be cute,mature and cool..I don't find a single group who has all these qualities.Plus i love JUMP songs.Especially Ballads..Jump Ballads are heaven for me..
    Since i got know JUMP through Ryosuke Yamada,so He is my ichiban.And i love Ryosuke's voice.He's in my top3 best singers in JUMP.My niban is Chinen just because he's so cute.My sanban are Dai chan and Yabu..I can't choose one of them.I love both.The rest...I'll tell you another time:)
    OTP....Hmmm...Firstly i should tell you that me shipping any 2 members means i love their friendship.Yep,i like to ship those who are obviously great friends.I really like yamachi,Ariyama and Yamakeito.(Add Yabuhika too.Their friendship is so pure^^)...
     I'm not a proffesional subber but i can do timing/typesetting pretty fast(i'm proud of it^^) My japanese skills are only i don't know much japanese.My level is intermediate...I can understand general theme but not exact sentence:( I'll try to learn more*_*)
   You will mostly find my reviews and personal thoughts on singles,albums and drama/movies.I hope you all know what PERSONAL THOUGHTS means...I'm not a critic nor am i actor or singer.I just tell what i feel about it.So just take my reviews lightly.I'm not here to offend anyone.
   I might post subs too..Only those subs in which i'll collaborate with others.My posts are not locked and i hope it remains that way.
   I add all people back.If i don't add you,it means LJ didn't notify me about it..So I hope you can drop a comment down below.Besides it's interesting to know about each other.I love to interact^^...
P.S:  If anyone wants to make me friend on Twitter,You can find me by the name of Maniha@maniha3751'm quite active there(for now)..
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     Hi everybody.Looks like i'm not gonna leave this LJ account alone.It was really fun and enjoyable for me to write my personal thoughts here.I loved writing here.As i'm not a person who expresses herself freely but this account is a real blessing for me.I can write anything here and it's really helping me to enhance my writing abilities although it's been 3 years since my studies stopped.But still i'm really learning so much from this.
       I watched Arashi's Ohno and Jun's drama in May/June  and it was really fun to watch these dramas.I loved how funny and cute Ohno's acting was.I wanted to watch Ohno's drama before just because he was Chinen's favourite senpai and this May i was able to watch it.I loved how Ohno tried to develop a love life for himself...It was so much fun to watch his ongoing problems.Not only Ohno but that Johnny's West member(Is he known as Nozomo????) his character was really hilarious.It was a really good drama.While Jun's drama became my Fav drama.His character was really an interesting one and i really wanted to know who he was at the start of the series.Glad they addeed his story too.I love detetctive dramas and this drama was such a unique drama.I never expected this drama to be so good.This drama made me a fan of Jun's acting.I really want to see Jun's new drama.The dance on the  song"WE WILL ROCK YOU" reminded me of my college days as 6 years ago,my classmates used to do this very same dance in our classroom.This felt so nostalgic...
        Also i made my sister an Arashian and a Tobikko..She loved Arashi after i made her watch the The Music Day's performances.She started her search on Arashi and now she wants to watch every drama in which Jun and Sho appeared:):) Even though i'm not a full Arashian yet..And she loves Itadaki High Jump after i showed her the wedding episode.Yayy for me as i'm increasing Tobikkos and Arashians in my country;);)
         I'm watching Yuto's Drama "HOPE" and i loved Yuto's acting.I was not a fan of Yuto's acting after i watched Seikyuu yankees but keiji ballerino changed my thoughts on him and now Hope really made me love his acting.This drama is kind of depressing but every episode till now is ending happily so i'm always looking forward to it's next episode.I really hope this drama continue to be interesting.Till now,it's really enjoyable.I don't know why it's rating is really low.This drama really deserved to be upto 10 atleast.Is Yuto's popularity decreasing?I really wonder this.On the other hand,Inoo's dramas rating went high upto 10.I watched a little bit of first episode,but it really didn't impressed me that much.The plot of this drama is not sounding that great.Well,i'll comment on this drama after i watch all of it's episodes.But it's high rating is really mysterious for me.
           I really hope the rest of the four members of Jump get some dramas for the next year.Really,Takaki deserve to be more on shows and dramas.As for Yabu,He's not for dramas but he can still be on variety shows.I really hope,the next time i write a journal entry,there will be good news from Yabu,Takaki,Hikaru and Keito.Bye fo now.Hope so we meet soon:):)
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         Congratulations to Ryosuke Yamada on getting the Japan Film Critic Award.Really I'm so happy that you are being recognized by others.It's your hardwork that has paid off. The jury's comment was right.Your idol aura was washed away by the blood thirsty Semi character. And I hope you'll get many other awards not as a rookie but as an amazing actor who can do any kind of roles. Omedetou!!!!!!
        And now for the big news which made my day.I heard this news first thing in the morning(although i'm writing about it now.). Omedetou Edward sama!!!!!. Your main role in Full Metal Alchemist is such a big opportunity for you. Congratulations from the bottom of my heart.
        On the other hand there are other dumb headed people who don't even recognize you as an actor.I'm so angry at those people. They don't know how far have you come to achieve this goal. They are just seeing you as a Johnny who got lucky to be in this entertainment industry through his good looks. For those people,don't judge him just because they are Johnny's. In fact as far as i know, all Johnnys are really talented (except for few). Have you've seen Him in Grasshopper? His acting was superb. Ok i admit that His role as Nagisa was not soooo good and He didn't give His best shot(for first movie.i don't know about 2nd). But surely you have seen him in Hidarime Tantei Eye, KIndaichi case Files????? He was soo good. And i think He can potray Edward's character perfectly. Don't judge Him. Wait for this Movie and surely you'll not regret it. After all we have seen his Determination. And if Yama chan is saying that He will give His best than no need to worry. We believe in Him. His words are enough for us to believe in him . Yama chan good luck  for your shooting.
    Also good luck to Yuto for His drama Hope.congratulations Dai Chan on his drama DVD relaese. Good luck Chinen for your first movie. Congrats Inoo on getting 2 more new drama's. And i'm happy for Yabu kun that He's again going to appear on Tv and spread His love for soccer. Now Bye for now..
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Happy Birthday Ryosuke Yamada.Many many happy returns of the day.I don't know where to start.I really really love you[as an idol of course no other intentions;)].
I still remember the very first day i saw you on wikipedia. I had no intrest in japan until 2 years ago. My sister got me interested in anime and then i started taking interest in Japan. I was super intrested on exchange students in Japan last september. There was this girl who recorded her youtube video on Harujuku. There she and her friend entered Johnnys merchnadies. suddenly she started screaming 'AHHHHHHH YAMADA RYOSUKE,YAMADA RYOSUKE!!!!!!!!' together with her friend.I felt ackward at that moment. Then the shopkeeper said that this picture was captured on an airport.he was going to Okinawa on school trip with his GIRLFRIEND(Yes he said GIRLFRIEND.I'm not sure about it). On hearing HIS GIRLFRIEND the two girls were like "AWWWWWW HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND". And i was like "who the hell is this guy making girls flail on him like this".
So i searched him on google and came across his page on wikipedia. There i learned about his solo song "Mystery Virgin". Soooo you know out of curiosity i watched his performance of Mystery Virgin on Shounen Club.
I was Blown Away by His spectacular performance(ahh i still remember that day). I immediatly searched his other videos and guess what i watched???? It was His cover "Ai no Katamiri". I was blown away second time.... Then from there i came to know about Hey Say Jump. The very first song I heard was Super Delicate(still one of my favourite Jump songs).
Ofcourse Ryosuke Yamada was my Ichiban but i also became interested in Yuri,Yuto,Yabu,Daiki and Inoo.
Now I'm a hardcore Fan of Hey Say Jump. I'm still watching there old dramas but i've watched everything related to Ryosuke Yamada.
Here i want to say Thank you Yamada, thank you so much for doing your solo song even though you were going through so much during that period and was tensed about it but still your solo song led me to Jump.Now i'm not only your fan but also HSJ fan. And i will support you and Jump for the rest of my life.
Again Happy Birthday Ryosuke Yamada. Hope so you are celebrating your Birthday with your loved ones and of course with Jump members. God Bless You.
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I really loved their new song MAJI SUNSHINE. There's such a refresh feeling to it. It feels like summer has already begun(in my country it already began since the start of this month. it's soooo hot now). But i must say they need to improve their English accent. I didn't even realized that they were saying "SUMMER TIME" or "I'M YOUR KNIGHT" until i saw the subtitles of their performance in shounen club premium. I'm still learning Japanese and I've passed THE BEGINNER level but still i cannot understand Japanese . But i can guess the theme of any show(which I'm so proud of).
Still hoping to make new friends on LJ. I'm still figuring the way to use this account. Ja mata ne.
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Hi there everyone. I'm Anna. I'm new to LJ. I created this account only and only because of HEY!SAY!JUMP!. I'm a big fan of this group and i hope i can find communities where they post everything about HEY!SAY!JUMP!. I'm looking forward to your suggestions. Hope so i can find my destination. Gosh everything is sooooo secure here.


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