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Hello...It's been a while...Hope so everybody is in good health and spirit..So many things happened in HSJ fandom and i didn't missed a thing..I was just waiting for every news to be compiled so i can write a single entry for it.And now it's time for me to FLAILLLL!!!
   The very first thing i want to comment on is about My Beloved Idol
Drama..Yes...Ryosuke Yamada's new drama.. I was so excited when i heard that Ryosuke is going to do a drama and not any drama,THE GETSU9 cool is that?...I missed Ryosuke's dramas and finally after almost 2 years,He's going to do a drama...It's the remake of an American drama/movie and it's story is quite sad..Cain And Abel.....what a great name for a drama...and it's teany tiny teaser is already out..And what can i say about it...Splendid.Fabulous.Beautiful.Lovely.Amazing.Cool...There's so many words i want to say but i can't say all of them...i never ever saw such a beautiful teaser..Such painful expressions,only in 10 seconds??? Many fans didn't understood it's meaning.May be they don't know the plot,but for me,i understood it the second i saw it..So Beautiful...         See....So Beautiful...and painful too....
   I don't know how much it'll attract others,but i'm already attracted to this teaser...We've got Ryosuke's drama after 2 years...I have great expectations from this drama...
       As all of you have heard it,JUMP's new single is going to be released on October 26th.....YAYYYYY!!! It's for an anime...Fantastic Time!!!! Jump really know how to name their singles and albums...Honestly,i don't want it to be like most of anime songs..I want it to be cool,just like Maji Sunshine,Bright and full of coolness..This image really suits Jump...and this single is bringing the most attractive thing for us...choreography video i.e "Practice Time"...This,is the one thing i'm so looking forward to..Hey!! it's so rare for Jump to show us their practice.I bet all fans are excited...This video is going to be so precious for Tobikkos...I'm super excited for it..and i really hope this single will have a Ballad..I love Ballad...
     But i thought they will release a single for Cain and Abel!!! Jump really didn't sang a single OST this year..Not for yuto and Inoo's drama..but i really want Jump to sing Ryosuke's drama OST... I want Jump to take full credit for this Getsu9 drama...Yes, I'm being biased here..everyone is biased when it comes to their favourite group...May be they'll release a new single in November.Nothings Impossible,so fingers crossed...
    Annnddd ARASHI is going to release a new album and it's going to release on October 26th.....WOWWWW!!!! A double treat for me and for those who have same fandoms as me..Johnny san really know how to make fans happy..It makes me so happy to imagine that Arashi and Jump will perform together in Music Station.....But it makes me really bitter that Jump still hasn't performed Masquerade on any music shows yet....I really really want to see those cool moves on a music show...They are going to appear on 19th,so i hope they'll perform Masquerade...
And still no sign of Yabu,Takaki and keito on any projects..I really hope they'll get some projects..It so sad to see Yabu and Takaki's talent being wasted...Sigh!!!!
        Till Next time...I'm going to write my thoughts on Lost ID soon but i haven't watched last episode may be i'll be back in 5-6 days...
P.S: I broke my rule of not inserting pictures but i can't resist Ryosuke's charm :p


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