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          I can finally write my review on Cain and Abel.This was the most anticipated entry i wanted to write this year.This drama was only an okay drama until everyone made it controversial and made it a little bit special(in positive and negative,both ways).I bet those who didn't watched it will be eager to watch it soon.I waited for 2,3 days so that those who didn't watched last episode,can watch it and can read this review without caring about the spoilers.I'm going to give my usual warning here....These are my PERSONAL THOUGHTS... What are you going to read after the cuts are what i think about this drama.If you disagree with me,we can have a friendly conversation in the comment section:) I really have little time in this  fandom,so i want to spend the rest of the time peacefully,without making any enemies:)
Read it at your own risk!! )

   I'm sorry for such a lonnnnngggg review.But i had to say everything.I hope you can tell me your thoughts about this drama too^^
P.S: English is not my first language.You will find many grammatical mistakes.Please ignore it.Also i'm not a person who has a high vocabulary.I use simple words.
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Hello!!!! I'm back again after 20-25 days...I was quite busy with my real life and it was impossible for me to write a whole entry.So here i am now,bringing another review.Yep,this time it's Assasination Classroom Graduation..I wanted to review this movie even before it's DVD came out.I must remind you again that all these reviews are my personal thoughts.My thoughts may contradict with yours but this doesn't mean that you can start a war with me..And also i'm giving this warning right now.I'm quite harsh in this review so don't read if you are not an open minded person and can't take Yamada's insult..Okay.Let's start my review,Here we go~~~
Read more... )      Phew,i finally finished it.My back hurts now..That's all i wanted to say..Again,THESE ARE MY can disagree with me,but in a polite way..I don't like offensive people.Comments are welcomed here. I hope we can meet again.Bye for now...

Edited: Told you not to read it if you can't handle criticism..If you want to say anything,say it directly to me..Talking bad about this behind my back and indirectly insulting it is a coward act.Say it here.There's this Button called "Post a Comment" :):):)
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    Warm welcome to all who are reading this entry...I really appreciate that you are reading my entries in my journal.I hope you enjoy my entries here.
     Now,,,For the Review.....YES!! I GOT MY HANDS ON FANTASTIC TIME SINGLE.....I'm so happy that JUMP fandom is really cooperating and they help each other on such times..I got to listen to all songs yesterday.But i decided to do Review today.So that my review can match with Release date..So here i am..Remember,these Reviews are my own thoughts and i might have different point of views than yours.But you can tell me your thoughts in the comments which i will accept with warm heart.Believe me,I'm a kind person in this matter..Okay,warning given..let me start my Review...
1.Fantastic Time...
    Let's start with the crown of this single...when i first heard this song a month ago,I immediately fell in love with this song.At that time many fans were complaining that JUMP is doing auto-tuned song which is not their style..But this thought never crossed my mind.Honestly i love New Age in kimi attraction single..New Age was more auto-tuned than this one.This song is auto-tuned but not to that extent.We can still tell which member is singing which line..It really is a fun song.This song really suits the anime theme.It's PV is really cool..This is one of the best choreographed song of JUMP.I can say both RWM and Fantastic Time are almost equal level in this.But Fantastic Time is more cooler than RWM.Why??? because the dance formation is really intense here.They changed their formation atleast 9 times so that every member can get in the center..And this is one of the main reason why i love this single.Almost all members got to stand in center for a specific period of Time..EVEN KEITO...This is so cool.and we can get Yabuhika too....Did anyone noticed??Takaki was in center in the last and the song ended with him in the center...Not Ryosuke...I'm so happy for Yabu,keito and Takaki..They finally got the chance to appear in front so many times..I hope they can them more chances from now on..
2.Never Let You Go...
    When the song list came out,I really thought it's a ballad and i was so looking forward to it..Then it's preview came out..And believe me,i was not disappointed that this is not a ballad.I was really glad that JUMP decided to sing this song..This song is one of those JUMP songs which urges us to leave our chairs.Really,this song is so different yet so surprising...Chinen and Dai chan rocked this song.Chinen's rap was really cool.I'm falling in love with Dai chan's rap more and more.This song is cool,amusing,beautiful,lovely,rocking and of course PERFECT.I like this song more than Fantastic Time.This is going to my Favourite JUMP songs list..I really hope they will perform it atleast once live.I really want to listen to this song and want to know what JUMP will do while performing it...Thumbs Up for this song...
3. ワンダーロード...
    Of course the single cannot be completed without JUMP usual song...This song is good.I liked it..Honestly at 00.50 second,Yabu's line chorus was similar to Exile's song I wish for You..or may be it was only me?? anyway..i like this song..It's really a cheerful song.Really,JUMP always cheers me up..and there songs are really motivational.They always gives hope to us and promises the bright future for us.This is the JUMP i love...Imagine JUMP cheeerfully singing this song infront of us..I'll be really happy to see this sight..
4. What A Feeling...
    Hikaru's bass at the start........SO COOL...This song really give a different different..So cool.Plus the Raps of different members.Especially Keito's rap....JUMP seriously need to give Keito more raps now..His raps are really cool lately..This song have 50% Keito and Hikaru only....Seriously,these Two were highlight of this song...It feel so refreshed to have such song..I want such songs more..Please Johnny san,give us these type of songs more...
  MY BALLAD IS FIANLLY HERE...I was so afraid that they will not sing a ballad in this single but i'm so glad that they did....You don't know how much i love JUMP's ballad...These ballads are the best thing for me...I love when JUMP sing with their soft voices for us..especially Yabu,Takaki and Ryosuke......I really want these three to form a sub unit and sing a PERFECT BALLAD for us.This ballad is soooo good.There voices blend so beautifully..I can't say anything more.Just that i will listen to this song forever...

This Single is such a PERFECT single for me..All songs are upto my expectations..And Never let you go was beyond my expectation..I really really love this single over all..I want such singles from JUMP in which we can get almost all Genre...These Boys are moving forward and no one will stop them..They walked a long way and their destination is near..just a little more and people will approve you as national Idols.This is my dream now..Good Job JUMP.You really worked hard this time.I'm proud of...
That's all from me now..Till next Time..Bye
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   Good afternoon....Last week was so hectic for me..but still i managed to wach Itadaki high JUMP and Hope.and last night,i finally watched soshite dare mo inaku natta last episode...So,as promised,here's my short review of the drama.
     This drama was Okay to me..It was a good drama..A boy being abandoned by his mother and his revenge for his step brother.. but i must say here,this drama's suspense and mystery was all gone when the director decided to let Inoo do the promotion.I knew from the start that Inoo was the mastermind behind it..I'm not saying that Inoo should've not allowed to do the promotion and he doesn't deserve it..I'm saying this based on the storyline.Inoo's character was the big one..when he started doing the promotions,i believe everyone must've thought that Inoo's Role is some kind of an important role..Imagine if Inoo never promoted it and BAAMMM in ep 8,we knew Inoo was the mastermind behind all of it.The shock we got from Inoo would've been great and i believe the drama would've got more ratings from this...Okay enough with this..
     The story started with Todo Shinchi being the main lead but somehow his lead was shattered by Eiji...Seriously,Inoo's Fabulous acting got me..He portrayed the goody goody role at first and then he changed into the psychic,murderous Eiji..I loved this switch.His acting was soooo good...I watched Doctor X and i was expecting so much from him.And he didn't let me down.This Drama was worth watching only because Inoo acted so well in this.He got me in the last episode.I never ever saw such a painful psychic role being portrayed so well.When Eiji's mother called him Tomoya and the way Eiji(or Tomoya) reacted,i really felt so sad at his painful life.His mother abandoned him for money,made Shinchi his beloved son,imagine what difficulties that child must've experienced.Eiji's true character was revealed only in last episode and only in one episode,Inoo managed to show how lonely Eiji was..His lonliness made him pychic and he only wanted to destroy Shinchi and take his revenge..He didn't asked his mother to live with him,he asked her to compensate by helping him..Wow,Inoo you are so cruel.Well his mother was at fault..She is the real reason behind Eiji's it was natural for Eiji to hate Shinchi as he took his mother.
                            Yes Inoo,i get it,You're lonely,Psychic and a wonderful actor...
     Fujiwara also acted good but His "EH" in every episode was not impressive.If he wants to look shocked,he must find another way...And the most interesting character in this drama after Inoo's was Baba san...His scenes were really short but I loved Baba san's charater.Okay,He was evil too but i still loved it..The most annoying character....hmmmm... Sanae.Yep,i didn't liked her acting and secondly i hated Sanae when she didn't believed Shinchi..Honestly i was mad at her for whole one week..Osanae was looking like the villian of this drama but i knew he was not..His acting was great.I loved it..Evil looking friend but at the end,he saved Shinchi...
    All in all,it was a good drama.Not awesome nor splendid..Only acting wise this drama was great..the plot was okay.Inoo's acting,SPLENDID...He improved a lot..I hope His Peach Girl movie is great..I'm so looking forward to it.In the end,i give this drama a rating of 7/10..and of course,mainly because of Inoo's acting.That's all from me.I hope whoever is reading this will tell me Her thoughts in the comments below.See you next time.
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Hi,everybody...I'm back.So as i promised,i'm gonna review JUMP's new Album DEAR..I got to listen to DEAR yesterday,thanks to two sweet friends of mine..I'm really shocked,surprised and happy that how great this album is and JUMP put so much effort in it..Enough with my talk,i'm gonna start my review..
    The album starts with our invitation(kyaaaa).Of course you are not invited to Masquerade without an invitation..The first thing that got my attension was the voice of the girl,expressing her looks like the contents of a letter.I was like.."Wait,whose this girl?" but soon i forgot about the girl and my attension was diverted to the lady welcoming us.I thought i was watching Tinker Bell<3>..and the moment she said "Welcome",the sentence that came in my mind was "WELCOME TO NEVERLAND".I though soon Tinker Bell wiil appear before me flying with her pixie dust..But yeah,that's not gonna happen.The audio stopped immediately without a proper ending,so i was kind of bitter about it.
     And the main song came..Oh I love this song.It's such a different type of song whichJUMP never sang before.And I love JUMP singing this genre..The "shannananaahana" part will stuck in your mind.I found this huge urge of dancing in me(never gonna do that though).Love Yamada's voice and Takaki rocked this song.His "odorou tonight" stole my heart.This song got a little bit feeling of Jungle Book(does anyone got that?at almost 2:50) And guess what???all members almost got their fair share of lines...(yayyyy!!!) At last,i got to see Yabu in centre..I love when JUMP sing like this..And the dance for this song,,FABULOUS!! I missed JUMP'S awesome dance.After almost one and half year,jump gonna dance seriously.Love it.
3.RUN de BOO!
    OH.This song is clearly the band type song..I never really like JUMP band song..And this song just didn't impressed me..I'll bear this song just because it's in this album..I don't know my feelings about this song,but one thing for sure,not my kind of song..They used instruments which were not sounding pleasant to my ears.And the number of word "jump" just annoyed me.So,not gonna listen to it again..
    I liked this was different kind of song.A bit of seriousness and a bit of fun,it made this song really good.The music was really different and i couldn't figure out what should i name it.American style?? Oh,whatever is it,I loved it...The Dream parts were really motivitaing.Yabu and Takaki were really great.And Dai chan and Chinen starting the song really left good impression on i was looking forward to this song from the start..
     Oh my!!!!! so seductive... Takaki!!!! you started seducing us from start??? But please,correct your pronounciation..(it was like kiss me gal..definately misleading)And OMG,Yamada's falsetto!!!!! let me cry.His beautiful voice heal me every time i listen to him...Great job Yamada!!!Dai chan was really good at end..His voice really fits that part.This song was great with a little bit of cuteness..No matter what JUMP do,they got a little bit of cuteness in their songs..I loved the "ohoohohh" part.And the part where  Chinen and Inoo said "I Give You All My Love" was awesome..great job Jump!!!
    Wait.Why is kimi attraction in this matured album?.oh well,i never told you my thoughts on this.So a short review.This song got cuteness and make me pat heads of all members..soooo's really cute untill the point they say "kimi ga no. 1"(my heart go doki doki at this point).I like it.But this song was never in my playlist.
7.Special Love.
     Awwww such a cute and lovely song..Got cuteness and a bit hip hop in it.I was loving this song as i listened to it..So lovely.They used their manly voices to lure me.There were so many points where i fall in love with this song more and more.I can only think of the word "Lovely" for this..Really!!!! Please JUMP,sing this on concert!!!!
      The moment i downloaded the album,i listened this song first.As everyone was saying this song is great. I started listening.The first 20 second were urging me to leave this song.Why so long intro?I almost got fed up but then yamada's voice showed up and i was glad the song actually started.Despite my bad first impression,this song became one of my favourite songs of the album..I loved this ballad.I must say here,JUMP show their best singing skills in ballad songs.They are suited for this.It is such a fabulous song.I love when JUMP combine all 9 voices to give us such a awesome song..They really know how to give us a good song.And at the end of song,I loved the music.I didn't got irritated by it as it was perfect for ending..
      Did  i ever told you i love ballad??This ballad song really got me.I really loved this song.I got a lump of tears in my throat which remained their for whole 4:33 minutes..HOW?HOW were you able to sing such a lovely song JUMP?(cryinggg) And the  music at start didn't irritaed me surprisingly..I loved it.Yamada,Yabu and Dai chan voices were so beautiful.Such angelic voices always soothes me!!I just can't describe it anymore than this.This song successfully landed on my favourite ballad songs i.e. Tada Mae e,Eve and Eternal...
       AHHHHH!!! I never imagined SUPERMAN gonna be like this.I thought it was one of those hilarious songs JUMP always sings..But I was WROOONNNGGG..This song is one of my top 3 songs of this album...JUMP so coooooolllll!!!! Yes You are my SUPERMANS... Really i can't help but replay this song..This song really makes you stand up from your chair...I'm shocked.I'm really surprised.This song literally got me..I really really wanna see live performance of this song.And i'm positive they'll perform it.It's the similar to Boys Don't Stop.similar not same....This is the song you'll not be able to resist.
       Ok.This was the song which got my hopes high.I really fantasized this song in a very good way but i hit the hard ground when i heard it.Now many of you like this kind of song.But for me,No.Dai chan your seducing voice didn't worked on me..May be i can like this song if they ever performed it on concert.But for now,no.I'm forcing myself to listen this song now because i have to write a review.Bye bye order.Not gonna listen to it again.
12.Tasty U.
        Wait let me laugh first.(hahahahahhaha) The start of this song first led me to India and then I visited DUBAI.I remember i used to listen arabic songs on TV in my childhood(in Dubai) and this felt nostalgic.The song itself is really good but a little bit messed up.The way Yamada say's "Aishita" really made me remember my childhood(those days were great).I liked this song.Not favourite but will listen to it from time to time.My imagination took me to another world when i read the name(hahhahaha)
       Hmm this song is good.i guess?It's kind of different.The start didn't got me but after 1 minute,i liked it.Oh Inoo,when did your voice improved so much??You are getting better day by day..Every song shows how much you have improved.It's a good song but i don't think it's going in my playlist.But will definately listen to it after every 2 weeks or so.
      Looks like a song which cartoon characters will sing(pfftttt ok sorry sorry).It's ok,but childish.I think the most childish song of this album.The shoobydoobby part is veryyyyy childish.hmmm,not gonna say anything else.This song is just ok(for me).
       Oh another ballad for me.Yabu started it which was perfect.And takaki's voice is healing.I seriously doubt the name of song but it's ok.As long as the song is good i don't mind the name.It's really a soft song.Love it..
16.Brand New World.
       What JUMP?are you making a new world?That was my first thought.It was good not that good but still....ok.But i don't think i can listen to it anymore.It was like HERO..kind of tune..soo not my type of song..
     This song is sang by the duo Hikaru and Inoo..All of you must have heard that the name of song is from their regular radio program where they seduce things.So of course this song was about seducing.The seducing object was a straw(hahah) the first time i read the lyrics translation i was really surprised that they are saying such words as i didn't knew they were seducing an object.I laughed so hard at this song.The starting is just like the starting music of a veryyyyy old game(hhahahaha)But the way they used there voices was really seducing.It was definately seducing.I was kind of hoping that Inoo may use his piano skills for the unit song but...oh's great this way..
      OMG  what a name for the winning team.I loved the name.And Takaki's voice was so sexyy...He was so perfect in this..I loved Takaki's voice in this song..This song just makes me snap my fingers.Yabu,Yuto,Takaki...this combination is so good.I loved this song.I just want to see the PV for this song.I'm really curious...
       KAWAIIIIIIII!!!!! tHIS WAS THE ONLY WORD THAT CAME IN MY MIND FOR THIS SONG...So cute..I never imagined Chinen and Keito will go for this type of song..Both of them has cute voices in this song and it was so great when they used everyone's name..I loved their love for others.As the song starts with Kid's voices like they are in the park followed by cute chinen and keito's voice,i imagined them wearing Jumper and holding balloons in their hands.The cuteness was overload in this song.Love it..
4.My Girl
         The No. 1 song from this album which stole my heart.I really like Yamada and Dai chan combination and i was realllyyy looking forward to their song and i'm not disappointed.My Girl....I'm really glad i'm a girl(cryinngg)....I never heard such a song from JUMP.. Yamada and Dai chan voice blended incredibly..Yamada vocals and Dai chan's rap...PERFECT..I want them to sing this kind of RnB SONG AGAIN...i really love it...Dai chan was so awesome and Yamada was FABULOUS..... Yamada used his best vocals here and i can't get it out of my mind.."She's my girl.She's my baby"(Help meeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!) How can i ignore these voices.These lovely lines...."""Forever And Ever,She's MY Girl""" ..Tell me how to survive these lines?(LOL,i'm flailing wayyy too much on this song) But seriously,such a perfect song.How can someone ignore Yamada's vocals at 2:54???No He's irrestible...I can write a long Essay on this Song but i'm getting tired by writing..It's getting long..Such a PERFECT SONG.I give it 100 marks....

    Overall,This album is great...It's perfect for me.I know some of you like smart  more but for me this album is Best....Except for 2 songs,I'm loving this album.My Favourite are My Girl,SUPERMAN,Eternal,Masquerade and Dear. acordingly.I don't know if i'm really biased here but Yamada,Dai chan and Takaki ruled this album.They were really great in this album.I'm glad Takaki got his fair share in this album.So what do you think about this album??Do you like it as much as i do??
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        Hello everyone!!! Good Afternoon(as it's 12:40 pm here)..Wow it's been almost 2 months since i wrote my last entry..Honestly i was not planning to write this.My original plan was to write a review on Jump's new album "DEAR"..(of course after it's released:)) but,oh well,what can i do...a sweet friend of mine asked me to write this.....HELLO CHIKA!!!!!
     Ok.My plan is to write on recent FNS27 Hour....of course my only interest were Jump's parts..i.e. Itadaki High Jump and Kisumai Busaiku coolaboration...Honestly i was not looking forward to this...I'm not a fan of Kis My Ft2...(yeah you can curse me :P)..And the moment i heard the news of Jump kissing in MOst Kakkoi way,my motivation went down even more...What the!!!!! Why does our Jump need to do these kind of things...Kisumai Busaiku do these things frequently...(I call them Hentai lords:):) ) But Jump is known for their pure image..please let them be like what they are now...Yuto has already shattered my view on him.. I don't want other members to this too...But ,oh well,what can i do??It was decided and it was going to happen no matter what..So i patiently waited for this...
     And that day came .....The collaboration was scheduled very late at night so i figured it's best to see all the clippings after it's uploaded on social media...I'm gonna skip to battles and not gonna talk about their talk and judges comments...
     The first battle was to get back your GF necklace from pool and propose???(that's what i understood) For this battle YABU,YUTO AND HIKARU were choosen(sigh!!!) Hikaru got 2nd place...Hikaru's acting was hilarious...He was so shy but he managed to complete his task...It was good.He definately deserved the 2nd place..Yabu got 4rth place...and wait,i'm gonna say something here ......YABUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT DID YOU DO TO THAT GIRL....YOU LITTLE DEVILLLL!!! WHY DID YOU KISSSSEEDDDD!!!! ok back to where i was...yabu's talk was very long....but his swimming posture(hahahaha) i can only think of a frog(everybody think it was:):) even yabu admitted) and he recruit the necklace aaaannnnnddd He Hugged that girl(panic,panic,Red Alert.Red Alert) not only hug,he kissed at the end(i'm seriously mad)....I don't want to say anything more on this....And the last place was Yuto....Yuto Dear,you deserved that place...that's all i wanna say...please watch it yourself dear readers...
   The Second battle was to take a bath before Date..Yamada,Chinen and Inoo was choosen for this...Chinen got 4RTH place...this was really funny..Chinen matter what you do you can't act sexy...please be our cute baby forever...and it was nice that you used your opponent song(everybody go) yes!!!! use your opponent's song to defeat them (haahhahaha)...Inoo got 5th place.What the!!! Inoo you are such a shy person even though you show yourself as a a hentai(hahaha) Please,show your shy personality on TV more often...I love the Shy Inoo!! And Finally Ryosuke,He got 1st place(as expected of him.He's No.1) This was the part wher i should have closed my eyes like a good girl or should have skipped it,but nooo.I shamelessly watched His naked body(forgive me Allah) And,WOW!!! Ryosuke,your abs and Musceles!!! I'm speechless...And honourable mention of Tamamori..his determination to win against jump was admirable....
   The third battle was THE SWIMMING CHALLENGE ... Keito,Daiki,Yuto and Yuya was choosen in this order...Dai chan and yuto slowed the team,so yeah,kisumai won in this....
   AAANNNNNNND HERE IT COMES.The fourth battle....The kakkoi way of kissing your GF on two different scenario..the unlucky members were Yuto,Yuya and Dai chan(cryinggggg hard) ..the first member from Jump was Yuto...He was so surprised to be choosen and he was so nervous(hey yuto,,why are you nervous did BIG THINGS after all) and he acted so poorly and got only 2 points...well yuto,you deserved 0 points for this... the next was Yuya and he was hilarious...The scene was completely shifted to another scene.Yuya was so cute in this...He got 58 points....Thennnnn Dai chan turn came...i was so can dai chan act this scene???? Well dai chan tried his best and the scene became serious...still he got 53 points...kisumai won this..what can you expect??they are pro in these kind of things while our pure jump was forced to these...sighhhh!!!!
    SOO...Are you Happy Johnny san??? you made our JUMP do these kind of things.. and where was the collaboration?All of these things were not important things that has to be solved..Even though they used the itadaki commentor voice in the fourth battle but was it really the important issue???  No...this collaboration would have been more entertaining if they did solved REALLY IMPORTANT ISSUES. In short,this show was not my kind of show..It would have been more fun if they did something which were entertaining to both fandoms not only one fandom...So,,,,Fuji Tv staff sans,,,,don't do collaboration show using these two groups again..If you want to do this,please think of something more refreshing and keep in mind both fandoms..
   The only part of FNS27 HOUR which was really fun,entertaining was the SUPER DUNK which JUMP did thrice.All of these Dunks were super doki doki moments for me..They failed on their First Dunk.It was really close but Yuya,unfortunately,failed to dunk.Don't worry Yuya,you did your best. The second dunk was in studio,and they were AMAZING when they succeded in their third try.OMEDETOU JUMP....You all were so cool...the slow motion video showed the kakkoii faces of every member..AHHH I LOVE YOU JUMP.. Good work Yuya,you were great!!!!!
   Lastly they had to do the SUPER DUNK with 27 people...It was super hard..My heart sanked when Ryosuke fell twice..Although he said he was alright,he was not alright at all....come on FUJI TV,they were awake for more than 30 hours and Ryosuke was doing several jobs in between this transmission.They were tired..How come they could succeed in this dunk at the end of transmission?? Ryosuke was apologizing.WHy?Why do you have to apologize?No.It's not your fault..Get a good rest Jump.You did a great job..I'm proud of you..Yabu mentioned in his JUMPPaper that they are heading straight to Osaka for their tour after this.I hope you all reached Osaka safely and getting a good rest now:)
    Phew,that was long..Now,I'll try to review DEAR album as soon as i got the chance to listen it..And this is my personal review.You might disagree with me at various points,but those are my personal thoughts.I'm not trying to hurt anyone's feelings..and i don't use images in my posts.It's hard for me to use images during my own bear with my simple and super plain reviews....Bye for Now....
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So Hey Say Jump's New Single is out. Quite frankly I'm in love with this single. Every song has it's own charm. It's a single having every genre. So let's start my review.Here we GO!!!!!
1.Maji Sunshine.
Let's start with the special guest of this event "Maji Sunshine". I heard it almost one month ago of course on CM of kose Then on the radio.. Such a cool and refresh song. I'm not blown away with this song but still it's a song which will refresh your mind.I must say here that it's not a cutesy song but rather a cool song. To my suprise Yamada and Inoo got same amount of lines... Oooooohhh it's a new start for Inoo. Sadly Yabu and Okamoto got half line each. No wonder Yabu feels sad about his position. After all it's the main song of the single.. But Yabu kun be patient.Surely there will be a song in which you will shine bright.Ganbette...
Now, the most important song for me,Eve, which truly have blown me away!!Oh my what a lovely song.Truly i'm in love with it. I'm just listening to it repeatedly. And yes every member got almost equal lines. Takaki's voice was so good. Although i don't like Takaki that much but i always admit that Takaki got a wonderful voice besides Yabu!!. And Yamada's voice was so perfect(tears...). His WOAH WOAH and in the end his "Kimi ni ageruu" was so awsome I'm really looking forward to its performance in their concert(finger crossed). My no.1 recomended song for this single..
3.We Are Otokonoko.
Oh my the naughty genre of this single. It's a fun song which will definately want you to jump. I really like their main phrase. And of course the fun part was Takaki's, Daiki's and Hikaru's Casual words in between the lines. It was good. Hmmm listen to it ne...
4.Hey Say Best's Speed It up.
Yup the second song I like of Hey Say Best. It's an upbeat song. I really want to listen to it on my long drives. I'm already looking forward to their performance in concert tour. I can see their cool,upbeat and robotic dance(my future prediction). Good for Hey Say Best fans.
5.Hey Say 7's Party Monster.
I really like all Hey Say 7's song(except Oh my jelly) and this song succesfull make their way to the list. Just like Hey Say Best's song it's an upbeat song but instead of speed it's a Party.Let's Party. Good for Keito. His rapping was good and of course Yuto's and Chinen's voice was blending with his voice remarkebly.And on top of that it was mostly in English and it was so good. Ryosuke Yamada succesfully avoided the english parts(ahh i really want to listen to your english). Again want to see their performance.
All in all it was an awsome single. Especially Eve,Speed it up and Party monster. Hope you enjoyed my review. English is my second language so do forgive for my poor english and grametical mistakes.


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