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      Good Afternoon to whoever is reading this^^ Happy release day of JUMP's new single "Over The Top"...As usual,fandom got their hands on the songs and pvs+pv making one day before release day;) I hope all of you has listened to these songs by now..If you don't have the mp3 links,you can always search it on [ profile] hey_say community..I have the download link too(Thanks to a friend of mine^^),so you can ask me on DM for it too..
      As always,i'm going to write my personal thoughts about this single now..We got 5 songs in this single plus 2 PVs,which is very rare for JUMP...Hope you enjoy my review^^
Read more... )I really want to know what song you liked? It's fun to know about other's opinion too...Or you can write your own review about,so i can read it too^^
Until next time.Bye...


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