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      Good Evening everybody.I'm finally back to my own track.I missed doing the reviews so much.I was so busy that i forgot to write the review:(...I even listened to all these songs 2 days after it's release(i got the link but for some reason,i couldn't listen to songs)..Today i was totally free(except for the house works ofcourse) so i decided to write this today.These are my PERSONAL THOUGHTS.Honestly,fans still don't know what PERSONAL THOUGHTS mean-_-...No need to bash me if i contradict with your thoughts^^...Let's spend our time on this fandom peacefully^^..Okay,Let's start the review~~
Give me love.... )I hope all of you enjoyed it.This is what I FELT ABOUT IT. I really want to know your opinion about this single too..Do tell me what's your fav songs?
Thank you for reading it.See you next time...
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         Hello everybody..Good Afternoon..Now,as all of you know that Nakajima Yuto's drama "Hope" has been completed and it's subs are also out..I assume,all of you have watched this drama.If not,then i definitely recommend you to watch it.I thought of reviewing this drama right from the start when i watched it's first episode.So,without further ado,here's my review.....i Hope you enjoy it~~

         This drama is all about the problems of a young boy,Ichinose,who is only a high school graduate.How he got a job at Yoichi Company through a reference and his struggles to prove himself.He works in Sales section where his two seniors helps him to learn all things related to his work.He gradually knows how to be successful in this field..
         Honestly,this drama had a great impact on me.Ichinose's struggle made me want to cheer on him.His sadness made me sad.He cried,I cried...His success made me want to throw a party...And i'm not lying...This drama is a good drama..I'm glad Yuto did such a drama,where there is no Fiction nor a fantasy.It's real life drama.All these problems which Ichinose faced happens in our real life..Job is not easily found.If by luck,You get a job,You'll face numerous problems..I loved how Ichinose growed with his experiences in Yoichi company...
          Oda kachou helped him a lot..Ichinose got matured just because Oda kachou made him realize the difficulty of this world..Nothing can happen with our wishes..We have to move along with others.One person's act can affect the others.I liked how Oda kachou was filled with so much determination...He not only think of himself but he's equally worried about his subordinates...These kind of people are not rare in this world.Those who works in companies must've came across such kind hearted people..This world is not only filled with self centered people..Surely all of you agree with me on this matter.He had his own cruel past,but with Ichinose beside im,he began to move forward.He realized that clenching to past dosn't make any sense.We have to move forward HOPING for the best...
         Aki's role is a really loving role.A caring man who hides his true personality under the curtain of his comedy..I loved how he supports Oda kachou and Ichinose...His light comedy made me laugh...
         Hitomi's character is one my of favourite characters of this drama...Akito potrayed this role perfectly.I liked the way the writer managed this drama.We can't watch a serious drama continuously.We need a certain character in a drama who can pull off this seriousness and for this drama,Hitomi was choosen.Akito's acting is really good.I laughed every time he appeared on the screen.I loved this light comedy of both Aki and Hitomi..Hitomi himself was in a difficult situation.They could've shown his difficulties in a serious way but they decided to show him in a funny way.Ebe san is that person who resides in every company..A company is not full of angel employees.There's definitely a EVIL boss who don't let others to come forward.Poor Hitomi was the victim of such Boss..His frustration for his boss was hilarious..In the end,he finally got justice but also got a punch...i laughed so hard at that scene...His sentence "Do I have to take this one too?" was really funny..I liked this character the most after Ichinose..
      Seto kun and Kazuki's role were a supportive role..Friends who support you in fair circumstances..Everybody have such friends in their lives..Ichinose had Seto kun,Hitomi and Kazuki....There were their own problems but they managed everything.They had just one thing,"HOPE"..Hope that everything will be alright in the future.
     Yes,this drama was all about HOPE.Hope for every little thing..This drama gave us such a good message.Not just one message,SEVERAL MESSAGES..
        I think everyone has noticed this that Yuto is such a great actor.His acting improved a lot.I didn't liked his acting in Suikyuu Yankees but he improved a lot during 2 years..And i never saw Yuto's crying.He cry so splendidly...I loved his crying face.He cried in every single episode of this drama.Tears were always on his eyelashes.Yuto was such a cry baby in this drama..I really really love his crying face.

                               Look at this crying face..He's so cute when he cries.He really improved a lot.
   All in all,it was great drama..I love slice of life dramas.I know most of the fans don't like it.
People like Mystery,Romance,Fantasy and fictional dramas.And this drama has none of these features.I watch all kind of dramas but honestly slice of life dramas are best.At least these dramas shows the difficulties and happenings of REAL LIFE.whether you agree with me or not,but it's the truth that only these kinds of dramas give us lessons..Other dramas only give us entertainment.And for me,it's best to see these dramas.You can get entertainment as well as an awareness of this cruel and difficult world.
    I rate this drama= 8.5/10 ..yes,it was a good drama..but i can't give it a 9 rate..9 is a very high number.It means a GREAT DRAMA with a little bit of faults.This drama is not GREAT but a good drama and definitely much better than soshite,,(my opinion)..
   I hope you liked my reviews.I really appreciate it if you comment below about your thoughts about this drama.Lets have a friendly converstaion....Hope to see you soon.Bye!!!!
P.S: I love the OST of this Drama...


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