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   Hello everybody...Finally i got some time to write something..i was a little busy in real life so i didn't had a time to write a whole LJ entry..but i was pretty active on Twitter..No,no review this time..I'll just talk about some updates and stuffs related to JUMP  which i haven't discussed in LJ yet....
     The very first thing i want to talk about is of course,about Ryosuke's injury...I almost immediately got the news of his back/hip injury and i was really worried about him.I knew he got a little injury from FMA shooting and super dunk but i never thought his current condition has worsened..Going to an Emergency ward in Hiroshima right after the concert at night and then having an unbearable pains during 3 days of Yokohama arena concerts to the extent of clenching his teeths.....these reports really shocked me...The non-stop work for his movie,drama and JUMP concert really affected his Health..Ryosuke is really a stubborn guy..He knew about his injuries/pains but still he continued all of his work...I assume all of you have seen those concert press clips...Can anyone even guess what Yamada is going through???....No!!! He is dancing like a normal person..I can't even walk if i have a back pain..i will not even put my foot down the bed.but He danced for 3 whole days straight.... WITHOUT ANY BREAK.And those dance moves were looking really intense...especially Fantastic Time Dance....This takes a lot of courage and Ryosuke took this courage..only to make his fans happy..I really admire Ryosuke's patience and courage...This boy really thinks of his fans and continue to work hard..I hope he takes cares of himself now and take a good rest...
       And what we fans gave him in return????? Yes,many Tobikkos were worried about him..but there were such fans too who didn't said a word about his health...they only talked about their biases the whole week while Tobikkos were worried sick to know his condition...Are biases really that important to those so called fans?? Do they not think of whole group?? They didn't even showed a little concern about him...They were busy in their own world where there is only them and their Bias...They don't even think once that their bias is here only because of this group...What if this group never existed??Are you still sure your biases existed and was having such fame??? Of course not.I even saw a tweet of a fan saying He will be alright.It's not a big deal..WTH That's so cruel.Atleast show some Humanity...I only have a little request for such FANS///please,atleast show a little concern for the whole group and just don't dream about your own bias only...That's all i have to say...
      Cain and Abel is going to start day after tomorrow...I've waited so long for this...By seeing the CM's,the plot looks wonderful..a different kind of story with reality.....YES!!! I love such real life dramas...I know Ryosuke's role is really complicated one and a sad role.I'm sure i'll cry a lot throughout the drama(my Tissue Box is prepared and is right beside me XD)...I really can't wait..and i'll watch this drama immediately,without waiting for the subs...I'm so impatient right now...
    And of course you all know this but let me announce it again.....JUMP IS GOING TO SING OST FOR CAIN AND ABEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's been long,so long since JUMP last time sang the OST of a drama...And we also got a little peek of the song..It sounds like a sad song and is really beautiful...I'm waiting if it's on Fantastic Time single or we will get a new single..Honestly i want a new single for this song....and i hope we'll get it at the start of November...(i know it's not announced but i can still dream ^^)
    JUMP is going to do Tokyo Dome tour on New Years..Yayyyy!!! Congratulations JUMP..and there are rumors of them performing in Kohaku..still  not confirmed yet...But i really want to see JUMP in JCD...And appearing in kohaku may result in not performing in JCD which i really don't want to happen..Lets see what Marry will do...
     Chinen's movie is going to be on screen this month but i can't watch it...sad life of international fans..but we can watch it after 4/5 months...so lets wait for that time..
    That's all from me..I'll try to write some reviews of movies i watched but still not sure when i'll do it...But i will definitely write Fantastic Time Songs review as soon as i'll hear the songs....Till next time..bye^^
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Hello...It's been a while...Hope so everybody is in good health and spirit..So many things happened in HSJ fandom and i didn't missed a thing..I was just waiting for every news to be compiled so i can write a single entry for it.And now it's time for me to FLAILLLL!!!
   The very first thing i want to comment on is about My Beloved Idol
Drama..Yes...Ryosuke Yamada's new drama.. I was so excited when i heard that Ryosuke is going to do a drama and not any drama,THE GETSU9 DRAMA...how cool is that?...I missed Ryosuke's dramas and finally after almost 2 years,He's going to do a drama...It's the remake of an American drama/movie and it's story is quite sad..Cain And Abel.....what a great name for a drama...and it's teany tiny teaser is already out..And what can i say about it...Splendid.Fabulous.Beautiful.Lovely.Amazing.Cool...There's so many words i want to say but i can't say all of them...i never ever saw such a beautiful teaser..Such painful expressions,only in 10 seconds??? Many fans didn't understood it's meaning.May be they don't know the plot,but for me,i understood it the second i saw it..So Beautiful...         See....So Beautiful...and painful too....
   I don't know how much it'll attract others,but i'm already attracted to this teaser...We've got Ryosuke's drama after 2 years...I have great expectations from this drama...
       As all of you have heard it,JUMP's new single is going to be released on October 26th.....YAYYYYY!!! It's for an anime...Fantastic Time!!!! Jump really know how to name their singles and albums...Honestly,i don't want it to be like most of anime songs..I want it to be cool,just like Maji Sunshine,Bright and full of coolness..This image really suits Jump...and this single is bringing the most attractive thing for us...choreography video i.e "Practice Time"...This,is the one thing i'm so looking forward to..Hey!! it's so rare for Jump to show us their practice.I bet all fans are excited...This video is going to be so precious for Tobikkos...I'm super excited for it..and i really hope this single will have a Ballad..I love Ballad...
     But i thought they will release a single for Cain and Abel!!! Jump really didn't sang a single OST this year..Not for yuto and Inoo's drama..but i really want Jump to sing Ryosuke's drama OST... I want Jump to take full credit for this Getsu9 drama...Yes, I'm being biased here..everyone is biased when it comes to their favourite group...May be they'll release a new single in November.Nothings Impossible,so fingers crossed...
    Annnddd ARASHI is going to release a new album and it's going to release on October 26th.....WOWWWW!!!! A double treat for me and for those who have same fandoms as me..Johnny san really know how to make fans happy..It makes me so happy to imagine that Arashi and Jump will perform together in Music Station.....But it makes me really bitter that Jump still hasn't performed Masquerade on any music shows yet....I really really want to see those cool moves on a music show...They are going to appear on 19th,so i hope they'll perform Masquerade...
And still no sign of Yabu,Takaki and keito on any projects..I really hope they'll get some projects..It so sad to see Yabu and Takaki's talent being wasted...Sigh!!!!
        Till Next time...I'm going to write my thoughts on Lost ID soon but i haven't watched last episode yet..so may be i'll be back in 5-6 days...
P.S: I broke my rule of not inserting pictures but i can't resist Ryosuke's charm :p
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         Congratulations to Ryosuke Yamada on getting the Japan Film Critic Award.Really I'm so happy that you are being recognized by others.It's your hardwork that has paid off. The jury's comment was right.Your idol aura was washed away by the blood thirsty Semi character. And I hope you'll get many other awards not as a rookie but as an amazing actor who can do any kind of roles. Omedetou!!!!!!
        And now for the big news which made my day.I heard this news first thing in the morning(although i'm writing about it now.). Omedetou Edward sama!!!!!. Your main role in Full Metal Alchemist is such a big opportunity for you. Congratulations from the bottom of my heart.
        On the other hand there are other dumb headed people who don't even recognize you as an actor.I'm so angry at those people. They don't know how far have you come to achieve this goal. They are just seeing you as a Johnny who got lucky to be in this entertainment industry through his good looks. For those people,don't judge him just because they are Johnny's. In fact as far as i know, all Johnnys are really talented (except for few). Have you've seen Him in Grasshopper? His acting was superb. Ok i admit that His role as Nagisa was not soooo good and He didn't give His best shot(for first movie.i don't know about 2nd). But surely you have seen him in Hidarime Tantei Eye, KIndaichi case Files????? He was soo good. And i think He can potray Edward's character perfectly. Don't judge Him. Wait for this Movie and surely you'll not regret it. After all we have seen his Determination. And if Yama chan is saying that He will give His best than no need to worry. We believe in Him. His words are enough for us to believe in him . Yama chan good luck  for your shooting.
    Also good luck to Yuto for His drama Hope.congratulations Dai Chan on his drama DVD relaese. Good luck Chinen for your first movie. Congrats Inoo on getting 2 more new drama's. And i'm happy for Yabu kun that He's again going to appear on Tv and spread His love for soccer. Now Bye for now..
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Happy Birthday Ryosuke Yamada.Many many happy returns of the day.I don't know where to start.I really really love you[as an idol of course no other intentions;)].
I still remember the very first day i saw you on wikipedia. I had no intrest in japan until 2 years ago. My sister got me interested in anime and then i started taking interest in Japan. I was super intrested on exchange students in Japan last september. There was this girl who recorded her youtube video on Harujuku. There she and her friend entered Johnnys merchnadies. suddenly she started screaming 'AHHHHHHH YAMADA RYOSUKE,YAMADA RYOSUKE!!!!!!!!' together with her friend.I felt ackward at that moment. Then the shopkeeper said that this picture was captured on an airport.he was going to Okinawa on school trip with his GIRLFRIEND(Yes he said GIRLFRIEND.I'm not sure about it). On hearing HIS GIRLFRIEND the two girls were like "AWWWWWW HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND". And i was like "who the hell is this guy making girls flail on him like this".
So i searched him on google and came across his page on wikipedia. There i learned about his solo song "Mystery Virgin". Soooo you know out of curiosity i watched his performance of Mystery Virgin on Shounen Club.
I was Blown Away by His spectacular performance(ahh i still remember that day). I immediatly searched his other videos and guess what i watched???? It was His cover "Ai no Katamiri". I was blown away second time.... Then from there i came to know about Hey Say Jump. The very first song I heard was Super Delicate(still one of my favourite Jump songs).
Ofcourse Ryosuke Yamada was my Ichiban but i also became interested in Yuri,Yuto,Yabu,Daiki and Inoo.
Now I'm a hardcore Fan of Hey Say Jump. I'm still watching there old dramas but i've watched everything related to Ryosuke Yamada.
Here i want to say Thank you Yamada, thank you so much for doing your solo song even though you were going through so much during that period and was tensed about it but still your solo song led me to Jump.Now i'm not only your fan but also HSJ fan. And i will support you and Jump for the rest of my life.
Again Happy Birthday Ryosuke Yamada. Hope so you are celebrating your Birthday with your loved ones and of course with Jump members. God Bless You.


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