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      Good Evening everybody.I'm finally back to my own track.I missed doing the reviews so much.I was so busy that i forgot to write the review:(...I even listened to all these songs 2 days after it's release(i got the link but for some reason,i couldn't listen to songs)..Today i was totally free(except for the house works ofcourse) so i decided to write this today.These are my PERSONAL THOUGHTS.Honestly,fans still don't know what PERSONAL THOUGHTS mean-_-...No need to bash me if i contradict with your thoughts^^...Let's spend our time on this fandom peacefully^^..Okay,Let's start the review~~
Give me love.... )I hope all of you enjoyed it.This is what I FELT ABOUT IT. I really want to know your opinion about this single too..Do tell me what's your fav songs?
Thank you for reading it.See you next time...
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    Warm welcome to all who are reading this entry...I really appreciate that you are reading my entries in my journal.I hope you enjoy my entries here.
     Now,,,For the Review.....YES!! I GOT MY HANDS ON FANTASTIC TIME SINGLE.....I'm so happy that JUMP fandom is really cooperating and they help each other on such times..I got to listen to all songs yesterday.But i decided to do Review today.So that my review can match with Release date..So here i am..Remember,these Reviews are my own thoughts and i might have different point of views than yours.But you can tell me your thoughts in the comments which i will accept with warm heart.Believe me,I'm a kind person in this matter..Okay,warning given..let me start my Review...
1.Fantastic Time...
    Let's start with the crown of this single...when i first heard this song a month ago,I immediately fell in love with this song.At that time many fans were complaining that JUMP is doing auto-tuned song which is not their style..But this thought never crossed my mind.Honestly i love New Age in kimi attraction single..New Age was more auto-tuned than this one.This song is auto-tuned but not to that extent.We can still tell which member is singing which line..It really is a fun song.This song really suits the anime theme.It's PV is really cool..This is one of the best choreographed song of JUMP.I can say both RWM and Fantastic Time are almost equal level in this.But Fantastic Time is more cooler than RWM.Why??? because the dance formation is really intense here.They changed their formation atleast 9 times so that every member can get in the center..And this is one of the main reason why i love this single.Almost all members got to stand in center for a specific period of Time..EVEN KEITO...This is so cool.and we can get Yabuhika too....Did anyone noticed??Takaki was in center in the last and the song ended with him in the center...Not Ryosuke...I'm so happy for Yabu,keito and Takaki..They finally got the chance to appear in front so many times..I hope they can them more chances from now on..
2.Never Let You Go...
    When the song list came out,I really thought it's a ballad and i was so looking forward to it..Then it's preview came out..And believe me,i was not disappointed that this is not a ballad.I was really glad that JUMP decided to sing this song..This song is one of those JUMP songs which urges us to leave our chairs.Really,this song is so different yet so surprising...Chinen and Dai chan rocked this song.Chinen's rap was really cool.I'm falling in love with Dai chan's rap more and more.This song is cool,amusing,beautiful,lovely,rocking and of course PERFECT.I like this song more than Fantastic Time.This is going to my Favourite JUMP songs list..I really hope they will perform it atleast once live.I really want to listen to this song and want to know what JUMP will do while performing it...Thumbs Up for this song...
3. ワンダーロード...
    Of course the single cannot be completed without JUMP usual song...This song is good.I liked it..Honestly at 00.50 second,Yabu's line chorus was similar to Exile's song I wish for You..or may be it was only me?? anyway..i like this song..It's really a cheerful song.Really,JUMP always cheers me up..and there songs are really motivational.They always gives hope to us and promises the bright future for us.This is the JUMP i love...Imagine JUMP cheeerfully singing this song infront of us..I'll be really happy to see this sight..
4. What A Feeling...
    Hikaru's bass at the start........SO COOL...This song really give a different different..So cool.Plus the Raps of different members.Especially Keito's rap....JUMP seriously need to give Keito more raps now..His raps are really cool lately..This song have 50% Keito and Hikaru only....Seriously,these Two were highlight of this song...It feel so refreshed to have such song..I want such songs more..Please Johnny san,give us these type of songs more...
  MY BALLAD IS FIANLLY HERE...I was so afraid that they will not sing a ballad in this single but i'm so glad that they did....You don't know how much i love JUMP's ballad...These ballads are the best thing for me...I love when JUMP sing with their soft voices for us..especially Yabu,Takaki and Ryosuke......I really want these three to form a sub unit and sing a PERFECT BALLAD for us.This ballad is soooo good.There voices blend so beautifully..I can't say anything more.Just that i will listen to this song forever...

This Single is such a PERFECT single for me..All songs are upto my expectations..And Never let you go was beyond my expectation..I really really love this single over all..I want such singles from JUMP in which we can get almost all Genre...These Boys are moving forward and no one will stop them..They walked a long way and their destination is near..just a little more and people will approve you as national Idols.This is my dream now..Good Job JUMP.You really worked hard this time.I'm proud of...
That's all from me now..Till next Time..Bye
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So Hey Say Jump's New Single is out. Quite frankly I'm in love with this single. Every song has it's own charm. It's a single having every genre. So let's start my review.Here we GO!!!!!
1.Maji Sunshine.
Let's start with the special guest of this event "Maji Sunshine". I heard it almost one month ago of course on CM of kose Then on the radio.. Such a cool and refresh song. I'm not blown away with this song but still it's a song which will refresh your mind.I must say here that it's not a cutesy song but rather a cool song. To my suprise Yamada and Inoo got same amount of lines... Oooooohhh it's a new start for Inoo. Sadly Yabu and Okamoto got half line each. No wonder Yabu feels sad about his position. After all it's the main song of the single.. But Yabu kun be patient.Surely there will be a song in which you will shine bright.Ganbette...
Now, the most important song for me,Eve, which truly have blown me away!!Oh my what a lovely song.Truly i'm in love with it. I'm just listening to it repeatedly. And yes every member got almost equal lines. Takaki's voice was so good. Although i don't like Takaki that much but i always admit that Takaki got a wonderful voice besides Yabu!!. And Yamada's voice was so perfect(tears...). His WOAH WOAH and in the end his "Kimi ni ageruu" was so awsome I'm really looking forward to its performance in their concert(finger crossed). My no.1 recomended song for this single..
3.We Are Otokonoko.
Oh my the naughty genre of this single. It's a fun song which will definately want you to jump. I really like their main phrase. And of course the fun part was Takaki's, Daiki's and Hikaru's Casual words in between the lines. It was good. Hmmm listen to it ne...
4.Hey Say Best's Speed It up.
Yup the second song I like of Hey Say Best. It's an upbeat song. I really want to listen to it on my long drives. I'm already looking forward to their performance in concert tour. I can see their cool,upbeat and robotic dance(my future prediction). Good for Hey Say Best fans.
5.Hey Say 7's Party Monster.
I really like all Hey Say 7's song(except Oh my jelly) and this song succesfull make their way to the list. Just like Hey Say Best's song it's an upbeat song but instead of speed it's a Party.Let's Party. Good for Keito. His rapping was good and of course Yuto's and Chinen's voice was blending with his voice remarkebly.And on top of that it was mostly in English and it was so good. Ryosuke Yamada succesfully avoided the english parts(ahh i really want to listen to your english). Again want to see their performance.
All in all it was an awsome single. Especially Eve,Speed it up and Party monster. Hope you enjoyed my review. English is my second language so do forgive for my poor english and grametical mistakes.
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Congratulations to Hey Say Jump on releasing their New Single.I've listened their songs (except Hey Say7's)and i love them.My favourite is of course Maji Sunshine but I'm equally in love with Eve song.Really i'm in love with this song.It's such a lovely song.I definately recommend it to everybody.
In between congratulations to Chihiro Yamada on her weddding. May you have a lovely,wonderful and blessful life. OMEDETOU !!!!!!!
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I really loved their new song MAJI SUNSHINE. There's such a refresh feeling to it. It feels like summer has already begun(in my country it already began since the start of this month. it's soooo hot now). But i must say they need to improve their English accent. I didn't even realized that they were saying "SUMMER TIME" or "I'M YOUR KNIGHT" until i saw the subtitles of their performance in shounen club premium. I'm still learning Japanese and I've passed THE BEGINNER level but still i cannot understand Japanese . But i can guess the theme of any show(which I'm so proud of).
Still hoping to make new friends on LJ. I'm still figuring the way to use this account. Ja mata ne.


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