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     Good Afternoon everybody.I feel like it's been long since i last came here last..During my Hiatus,i saw small clippings of Yuto and Inoo in Meringue episode and i found it quite funny..I hoped someone would announce to sub this,but no one did:( I secretly wished to sub this ep and i asked my Sweet friend [ profile] kawaiijun .. She's so sweet that she didn't said No to my request and accepted to sub this ep even though she had so many presentations( you can't believe me how much she study...She so genius) I am truly grateful to her for helping me with these subs..She translated the whole episode(well not whole,by whole i meant Yuto parts)
     The raw were provided by [ profile] bee_ichigo and [ profile] catfromthestar ..Yes..i asked both of them to provide raw and both of them give me raw... Thank you so much momo san for helping me trim the video.I even encoded all of my videos bc of her tutorial in LJ.It really helped me a lot.Thank you my friend,[ profile] catfromthestar for finding me the raw..I wouldn't have done this subs without the raw video:)
       As for me,i trimmed the video,encoded it to small size,timed it,typesetted the texts and even QC it(well not translations,but rest of parts)...
         Also,i have to say my thanks to [ profile] minamiangel for helping me at the crepe part..Me and my friend was stuck at the Endou san crepe part and we didn't understood it.Minami san helped me at that part and i am truly grateful for it.Thank you.
      Sorry for long appreciation paragraphs,but i have to thank all of them who helped me in this project as i,myself is a dumb person who can't do anything alone:( Links are down below...
Inoo is such a hentai..... )
Also,Happy Birthday Yabu..I'm sorry i couldn't release anything related to you...and i'm sorry for giving Yuto importance on your birthday:( It was just a coincidence that i completed it today.


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