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Introduction Post..

   Hello to anyone who stumbled upon my Journal..Warm welcome to all of you.This a very late Introduction post.I just realized that i still didn't introduced myself in LJ to anyone.So today,i decided to make this entry^^
    You can call me Anna.
   My fandom is mainly HSJ and Arashi..Yes i'm an Arashian too.I just recently got into Arashi.I don't write about Arashi because i still don't know much about this group.I like to complete my homework before writing anything^^..
  I'm a Huge fan of JUMP.I really really love JUMP mostly because it's the only group who can be cute,mature and cool..I don't find a single group who has all these qualities.Plus i love JUMP songs.Especially Ballads..Jump Ballads are heaven for me..
    Since i got know JUMP through Ryosuke Yamada,so He is my ichiban.And i love Ryosuke's voice.He's in my top3 best singers in JUMP.My niban is Chinen just because he's so cute.My sanban are Dai chan and Yabu..I can't choose one of them.I love both.The rest...I'll tell you another time:)
    OTP....Hmmm...Firstly i should tell you that me shipping any 2 members means i love their friendship.Yep,i like to ship those who are obviously great friends.I really like yamachi,Ariyama and Yamakeito.(Add Yabuhika too.Their friendship is so pure^^)...
     I'm not a proffesional subber but i can do timing/typesetting pretty fast(i'm proud of it^^) My japanese skills are only i don't know much japanese.My level is intermediate...I can understand general theme but not exact sentence:( I'll try to learn more*_*)
   You will mostly find my reviews and personal thoughts on singles,albums and drama/movies.I hope you all know what PERSONAL THOUGHTS means...I'm not a critic nor am i actor or singer.I just tell what i feel about it.So just take my reviews lightly.I'm not here to offend anyone.
   I might post subs too..Only those subs in which i'll collaborate with others.My posts are not locked and i hope it remains that way....

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I'm the first commenter~
Finally, you write an introduction~

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pleasure to meet you Anna
I am Nora , also a huge fan of yama-chan
by the way ~ did you know today he will be singing Ai no Katamari at
Domoto Kyoudai Christmas sp !! i am so excited (♥ω♥*)

you said you like both chii-chan and Dai-chan
i think we have the same type ..
most girls likes cool\manly guy witch isn't bad but
yappari ~ i like a CUTE! baby face more ♥(ノ´∀`)

THANK you vary much for subbing Cain and Abel!
it was one of the best dramas I've watched in a while
yamada has became such an awesome Actor !!
it was as if he really was completely a different person ⊙﹏⊙

yoroshiku onegaishimasu (人◕ω◕)

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hello :)

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HI Anna, very nice introduction. I'm happy to know more about you and meet a fellow fan who got introduced to JUMP because of Yama-chan.

Thanks so much for your subs I really appreciate them :) Take care!

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Pleasure to know you ana-neechan ^^
I'm very feel thank's for you ❤
Sorry my english not good X"D
Ervina widhi desu. 17 sai desu. Indonesia kara
My ichiban same with you. My niban same with you. But our sanban different XD my sanban Keto ❤
Sore ijou XD Yoroshiku onegaishimasu ^^

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Hallo Anna. Nice to meet you~ 😁
I remember that I have't been introduced my self properly yet yesterday.
My name Arisanti, you can call me Santi. It's real name btw. 22 years old too. I am Indonesian. 😁😄
I really appreciate your hard work. I am Ryosuke big fan too. I knew him since Tantei Gakuen Q as Ryuu Amakusa. I love him since then.😁
He really interesting person who can cool, cute, beautiful, tsundere, hard worker, crazy, honest, bakka, and nice person in sometime. Weird person who made me fall in love for an instan. Haha 😂🍓😍❤
I blessed for found another me like you in here. Because I don't really have friends who also like Japanese Idol or J-drama. Sometimes, it make me feel loneliness.😭
My ichiban Ryosuke, my niban Yutti, and my sanban Yabunbun nii. I am Yamajima shiper. I really love their friendship.😁
Oh, before I forget... I don't know too much how to used LJ actually. It make me feel bad too if you can see anything in my account post. 😭 Till now I don't know how to used it. Bakka da yo~ 😭
I am sorry too for my bad English. 😂
Thank you for your hard work. Ganbatte ne... ^^)9
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Hello, I'm Novi, 17 y.o, from Indonesia and really happy to know the good person that subbing cain to abel 💖(believe me, i almost get depressed when no one is subbing cain to abel until i found your lj)
I'm actually an awkward person, and this is the first time I'm doing this kind introduction, but please treat me well 😊

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hi hi hello, i am devi from indonesia, i love yamada ryosuke too, i just can't put it into words how amazing he is <3 , it is a pleasure to know you, yoroshiku ne ^^

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hello anna! nice to meet you..
rin here from malaysia and you from pakistan? sugoi nee..glad i know you
seem like you're really active in fandom (since i rarely online) so i've add you as a friend..mind add me back?
btw my ichiban is yamada before but in 2-3 years now he's became my niban..chinen is nanba 1 after all xD
yoroshiku :-)

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hey i found you from dramacool and saw them taking your subs and quite surprised they dont ask for permission, i saw it too though one time a person said dc is taking their sub too. so i guess dc are people who taking subs without permission =_=
i'm nick from Indonesia and i'm 21, its cool to know hsj has a fan on Pakistan.
thank you for your hard work~


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Hi, very nice to meet you. Thanks for adding me back! I'm Debby from Australia. I saw a link to your LJ when somebody retweeted me about my first ever H!S!J single purchase. I noticed you sub Cain and Abel, which is such a blessing to me! Thanks so much for doing that, I have seen up to ep7 so far. I still haven't even seen "THE KISS" yet! haha and Yam Yams is my H!S!J ichiban as well. Have a great day! :)

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Thank you for adding me back^^ btw I'm saru. I really enjoy your subs for cain to abel, Thank you for your hard work^^

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How many times people think that you're indonesian or malaysian? Ahahaha....


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I haven't done this type of comment in a long time cause I stopped using lj for a while now cause I'm trying to have a life outside of this fandom.

I came across your account from dramacool, as I'm a lazy ass, so online is easier from me.
However since they are not stealing your sub anymore, I decide to come back to lj.
Sorry for being so honest.

My ichiban is Yamada kun ofc.
My nii ban is probably yuto
My sanban is keito and chinen.

Others are something like this
4.) arioka, yuya
5.) hikaru, yabu, inoo

I put them in groups cause I honestly don't want a single person to be labelled as my least fav. (i used to dislike arioka and inoo for stupid reasons)

I ship yamajima, though i know that they are not that close and have this kind of rivalry tension. (that is not as strong as before)
my second ship is yabuhika(it's their yayayah days that make me support them)

Thank you for all the sub you have done and all the effort put into it!

btw I'm a thai tobikko.
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I came from your LJ.
Hope you can add me.
Thank you :)
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Hi im philline :)
Im also from lj, and now im here :D we're actually mutuals there.
I hope you can add me back here also :) thanks
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[personal profile] ayumiyoshida90 2017-05-03 01:11 pm (UTC)(link)

just realize that you made a dreamwidth as well!

ah, we are mutual friends in LJ, and i used to ask you for the link of dear at twitter, arigatouu!


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[personal profile] aline_3 2017-05-11 07:17 pm (UTC)(link)
Hi! I saw you had a dreamwidth account on your lj and I was hoping we could be friends here too! Thank you!

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thannk youuuuuu

[personal profile] jihyorintoria 2017-08-31 01:46 pm (UTC)(link)
thannk youuuuuu
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[personal profile] ninolove176 2018-08-25 09:21 am (UTC)(link)
hi...i am maha from india,i am a huge fan of arashi and hey say jump....i love nino and yutti... hope we can friends