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Yes, I recommend you to watch this if you haven't!

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Ashita no Yakusoku episode 1 is out.

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Title: 明日の約束
Title (romaji): Ashita no Yakusoku
Also known as: Tomorrow’s Promise
Format: Renzoku
Genre: Mystery, school
Episodes: TBD
Broadcast network: Fuji TV / KTV
Broadcast period: 2017-Oct-17 to 2017-Dec-??
Air time: Tuesday 21:00
Theme song: Reboot by TVXQ

Aizawa Hinata is a high school counselor who provides support to students with school and family problems. This is motivated by the warped relationship she had with her over-controlling mother which she could not discuss with anyone. One day, a male student who has not been attending school confesses that he likes her. However, he dies mysteriously the next day. Hinata takes action to determine the cause of his death and learns that the boy suffered insidious bullying at school and excessive meddling by his mother. He had a record of delinquency and kept rough company. Hinata is hounded by his mother who believes that she is responsible for her son’s suicide, and is driven to the verge of breaking down. — Jdrama Weblog

Inoue Mao as Aizawa Hinata
Nakama Yukie as Yoshioka Makiko
Endo Kenshin as Yoshioka Keigo
Oikawa Mitsuhiro as Kirishima Naoki
Kudo Asuka as Honjo Kazuhiko
Shirasu Jin as Kitami Yujiro
Shinkawa Yua as Omiya Nao
Tezuka Satomi as Aizawa Naoko
Aoyagi Sho as Kojima Shuhei
Sakuma Yui as Shirai Kasumi
Kaneko Daichi
Watanabe Tsurugi
Yamaguchi Mayu
Igashira Manami
Horike Kazuki
Kamio Yu
Mabuchi Erika
Nakabayashi Taiki
Omiya Taro
Haba Yuichi

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Hi everyone!

Is here this week's subbs NEWS ZERO about the House of Representatives different pledges on Education, and a report on Sho-san new drama "Saki ni umareta dake no boku".

NEWS ZERO (2017.10.09) - Ichimen (House of Representatives on Education) + SakiBoku report [arashitranslation + winkychan].mp4_snapshot_05.29.jpg

You can get it here at my journal :)
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Hello everyone!

Here is last week's News Zero. Ichimen is about the House of Representatives Election Pledge Comparison on “Education”. It's very fitting as ZERO CULTURE is an interview with the scriptwritter of Sho-san's new drama "Saki ni umareta dake no boku" ;)

NEWS ZERO (2017.10.09)

Download links )

Everyone, did you watch the first episode of SakiBoku? And did you listened to "Untitled"! I blame both for being late to post NZ this week ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

If you want to translate it into your language, don't hesitate to contact me, I'll be happy to give you the raw + softsub to work on :)

Thanks as always to [personal profile] arashitranslation for letting me use her work, please support her by visiting her pages (tumblr, twitter, FB).
You can also follow me on Twitter to get updates.


Sep. 15th, 2017 02:25 pm

嵐 5 x 18

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N.B. This post was uploaded to my Live Journal page on the actual day of the 18th anniversary (15 September 2017) but I completely forgot to cross-post it onto my Dreamwidth page here so, here it is. A whole month later but as they say, "better late than never" haha

I couldn't let this special day pass by without at least posting something in relation to my love for Arashi. While Arashians all around the world are observing in their own unique ways, I'm sitting here basking in a collective sea of intense love and intense feels. Words seem totally inadequate on days such as this. I want to express my love and gratitude for Aiba Masaki, Matsumoto Jun, Ninomiya Kazunari, Ohno Satoshi and Sakurai Sho ~ for coming into my life at the very lowest point and lifting me up towards joyfulness and solace.

It hasn't been an easy road for me personally these past three years. I even came close to ending my life; by the end of 2014 I was desperate and on the edge. Then one day I turned on my television and that funny Japanese game show was on SBS again and I started smiling. Before I knew it I was tuning in to it every afternoon and a smile slowly changed into laughter. I still vividly recall the day my precious daughter walked in to the living room and told me she'd been researching them online, and did I know they were idols, changed my life forever. We began watching their PVs and listening to their songs and I fell head over heels deeply in love and haven't looked back since.

Thank you Arashi; thank you Aiba, thank you MatsuJun, thank you Nino, thank you Riida, thank you Sho ~ without you in my life, my heart would still be locked up, cold and hard as stone [It sounds completely corny I know, but it's true. I had locked up my heart for good but Arashi re-opened it and I am forever grateful]. Thanks to you, I'm learning a new language and (beautiful) culture, singing songs of hope, inspiration and optimism, and because of each of you I'm much more alive today than I think I've ever been before. I'm passionate again !

Before I get totally soppy and sentimental, and use up all the remaining tissues in the house, I just want to add that without Arashi I would not have met some truly amazing friends. I've had a few altercations and lost some friends along the way but overall I am truly thankful for all my Arashian friends, past and present *I must make special mention to Bawuk, Erin, Patricia, Sandy, Uri, Karla, Anna, Ayesha, Mary, Ginger, Flo, Din, Arabella, Alice, Jan, and so many others who I only know by their usernames* If I've forgotten to mention you here, please forgive my foolish oversight. You all mean the absolute world to me and I am thankful for you all.

A to the R A S H I !

Oct. 16th, 2017 08:37 pm

[mp3] ナラタージュ - adieu

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Hi everyone! I uploaded Jun's new movie's OST, Narratage by adieu. It's composed by RADWIMPS' Yojiro Noda. You can get it in my journal here

he entry is public to everyone, so enjoy :)
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Hi everyone!
I've audio ripped my "Japonism" Show in ARENA DVD in mp3 format.

You can get it here at my journal :)
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