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Hello everyone!!!

I am happy to announce that I will colaborate with [profile] princess_ghost to sub Chinen's drama Atama ni Kitemo Aho towa Tatakauna! Yeahhh!!! Thanks Linh!
I will update the softsub and raw in this post from time to time. One quick question too, is there anyone who want hardsub too? Please comment below ne!

original raw from: 知安念納



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Here is the itajump episode last Saturday. I just randomly watched this but Yuto is so good at shooting!! 😂😂 And Ryosuke so cute in the studio mission 😍😍

ori video-credit:_MacciRto_

TakaChii vs HikaYuto )
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It was announced on the FC page that they will be holding an exhibition called 『ARASHI EXHIBITION "JOURNEY" 嵐を旅する展覧会』, which is the very 1st exhibition that they will be doing, since their CD debut 20 years ago.

The guys were thinking what can they do, to express their thanks and appreciation to the fans who have been supporting them. It took them more than half a year to do the preparations. The theme is 'taking a journey to 嵐', a new meeting place for them and the fans, a new playground.

Venue: Sony Music Roppongi Museum (Tokyo)
Duration: 1 Jul - 30 Nov 2019
Entrance fee: 1500 yen (including tax, at specified time based on reservations)

They have not decided the rest day for the exhibition and they have plans to hold it in Osaka next year. As for whether they will be holding it in the other parts of Japan, they are still reviewing them.

This exhibition is only limited to Arashi FC members (for both the representative and companion). Details for applying for the tickets, admission, the outline and the original goods etc, will be posted on Johnny's net, Johnny's web, Arashi FC exclusive site and the official site.

And earlier on, a message video from the guys was posted on the FC page. Jun further explained that the theme is 'taking a journey down the memory lane of Arashi'. Aiba said it's not just old photos but you can experience different things from the modern technology to analog.

I'm not sure how they are going to do this, but I hope it's not a first-come first-served basis. As of now, I don't see any mention of the possibility of not being able to get tickets, but I hope the chances of getting the tickets would be much much higher than getting tickets for their concerts. I'm guessing you can choose the day (1st choice, 2nd choice etc) but not the time.

This reminds me of Ohno's art exhibition and initially there was no reservation or just have to queue in to enter. But there were way too many people, so they had to come up with a system, which unfortunately I can't remember how they did it.
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We got the last song preview for JUMP single!!! Inoo's drama also already started. So this song is the theme song for the drama. I love the genre of this song

So what do you think?

Click the picture to download ne!

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