May. 9th, 2016

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Happy Birthday Ryosuke Yamada.Many many happy returns of the day.I don't know where to start.I really really love you[as an idol of course no other intentions;)].
I still remember the very first day i saw you on wikipedia. I had no intrest in japan until 2 years ago. My sister got me interested in anime and then i started taking interest in Japan. I was super intrested on exchange students in Japan last september. There was this girl who recorded her youtube video on Harujuku. There she and her friend entered Johnnys merchnadies. suddenly she started screaming 'AHHHHHHH YAMADA RYOSUKE,YAMADA RYOSUKE!!!!!!!!' together with her friend.I felt ackward at that moment. Then the shopkeeper said that this picture was captured on an airport.he was going to Okinawa on school trip with his GIRLFRIEND(Yes he said GIRLFRIEND.I'm not sure about it). On hearing HIS GIRLFRIEND the two girls were like "AWWWWWW HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND". And i was like "who the hell is this guy making girls flail on him like this".
So i searched him on google and came across his page on wikipedia. There i learned about his solo song "Mystery Virgin". Soooo you know out of curiosity i watched his performance of Mystery Virgin on Shounen Club.
I was Blown Away by His spectacular performance(ahh i still remember that day). I immediatly searched his other videos and guess what i watched???? It was His cover "Ai no Katamiri". I was blown away second time.... Then from there i came to know about Hey Say Jump. The very first song I heard was Super Delicate(still one of my favourite Jump songs).
Ofcourse Ryosuke Yamada was my Ichiban but i also became interested in Yuri,Yuto,Yabu,Daiki and Inoo.
Now I'm a hardcore Fan of Hey Say Jump. I'm still watching there old dramas but i've watched everything related to Ryosuke Yamada.
Here i want to say Thank you Yamada, thank you so much for doing your solo song even though you were going through so much during that period and was tensed about it but still your solo song led me to Jump.Now i'm not only your fan but also HSJ fan. And i will support you and Jump for the rest of my life.
Again Happy Birthday Ryosuke Yamada. Hope so you are celebrating your Birthday with your loved ones and of course with Jump members. God Bless You.


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