May. 27th, 2016

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         Congratulations to Ryosuke Yamada on getting the Japan Film Critic Award.Really I'm so happy that you are being recognized by others.It's your hardwork that has paid off. The jury's comment was right.Your idol aura was washed away by the blood thirsty Semi character. And I hope you'll get many other awards not as a rookie but as an amazing actor who can do any kind of roles. Omedetou!!!!!!
        And now for the big news which made my day.I heard this news first thing in the morning(although i'm writing about it now.). Omedetou Edward sama!!!!!. Your main role in Full Metal Alchemist is such a big opportunity for you. Congratulations from the bottom of my heart.
        On the other hand there are other dumb headed people who don't even recognize you as an actor.I'm so angry at those people. They don't know how far have you come to achieve this goal. They are just seeing you as a Johnny who got lucky to be in this entertainment industry through his good looks. For those people,don't judge him just because they are Johnny's. In fact as far as i know, all Johnnys are really talented (except for few). Have you've seen Him in Grasshopper? His acting was superb. Ok i admit that His role as Nagisa was not soooo good and He didn't give His best shot(for first movie.i don't know about 2nd). But surely you have seen him in Hidarime Tantei Eye, KIndaichi case Files????? He was soo good. And i think He can potray Edward's character perfectly. Don't judge Him. Wait for this Movie and surely you'll not regret it. After all we have seen his Determination. And if Yama chan is saying that He will give His best than no need to worry. We believe in Him. His words are enough for us to believe in him . Yama chan good luck  for your shooting.
    Also good luck to Yuto for His drama Hope.congratulations Dai Chan on his drama DVD relaese. Good luck Chinen for your first movie. Congrats Inoo on getting 2 more new drama's. And i'm happy for Yabu kun that He's again going to appear on Tv and spread His love for soccer. Now Bye for now..


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