Jul. 27th, 2016

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Hi,everybody...I'm back.So as i promised,i'm gonna review JUMP's new Album DEAR..I got to listen to DEAR yesterday,thanks to two sweet friends of mine..I'm really shocked,surprised and happy that how great this album is and JUMP put so much effort in it..Enough with my talk,i'm gonna start my review..
    The album starts with our invitation(kyaaaa).Of course you are not invited to Masquerade without an invitation..The first thing that got my attension was the voice of the girl,expressing her love..it looks like the contents of a letter.I was like.."Wait,whose this girl?" but soon i forgot about the girl and my attension was diverted to the lady welcoming us.I thought i was watching Tinker Bell<3>..and the moment she said "Welcome",the sentence that came in my mind was "WELCOME TO NEVERLAND".I though soon Tinker Bell wiil appear before me flying with her pixie dust..But yeah,that's not gonna happen.The audio stopped immediately without a proper ending,so i was kind of bitter about it.
     And the main song came..Oh I love this song.It's such a different type of song whichJUMP never sang before.And I love JUMP singing this genre..The "shannananaahana" part will stuck in your mind.I found this huge urge of dancing in me(never gonna do that though).Love Yamada's voice and Takaki rocked this song.His "odorou tonight" stole my heart.This song got a little bit feeling of Jungle Book(does anyone got that?at almost 2:50) And guess what???all members almost got their fair share of lines...(yayyyy!!!) At last,i got to see Yabu in centre..I love when JUMP sing like this..And the dance for this song,,FABULOUS!! I missed JUMP'S awesome dance.After almost one and half year,jump gonna dance seriously.Love it.
3.RUN de BOO!
    OH.This song is clearly the band type song..I never really like JUMP band song..And this song just didn't impressed me..I'll bear this song just because it's in this album..I don't know my feelings about this song,but one thing for sure,not my kind of song..They used instruments which were not sounding pleasant to my ears.And the number of word "jump" just annoyed me.So,not gonna listen to it again..
    I liked this song.it was different kind of song.A bit of seriousness and a bit of fun,it made this song really good.The music was really different and i couldn't figure out what should i name it.American style?? Oh,whatever is it,I loved it...The Dream parts were really motivitaing.Yabu and Takaki were really great.And Dai chan and Chinen starting the song really left good impression on me.so i was looking forward to this song from the start..
     Oh my!!!!! so seductive... Takaki!!!! you started seducing us from start??? But please,correct your pronounciation..(it was like kiss me gal..definately misleading)And OMG,Yamada's falsetto!!!!! let me cry.His beautiful voice heal me every time i listen to him...Great job Yamada!!!Dai chan was really good at end..His voice really fits that part.This song was great with a little bit of cuteness..No matter what JUMP do,they got a little bit of cuteness in their songs..I loved the "ohoohohh" part.And the part where  Chinen and Inoo said "I Give You All My Love" was awesome..great job Jump!!!
    Wait.Why is kimi attraction in this matured album?.oh well,i never told you my thoughts on this.So a short review.This song got cuteness and make me pat heads of all members..soooo cute..it's really cute untill the point they say "kimi ga no. 1"(my heart go doki doki at this point).I like it.But this song was never in my playlist.
7.Special Love.
     Awwww such a cute and lovely song..Got cuteness and a bit hip hop in it.I was loving this song as i listened to it..So lovely.They used their manly voices to lure me.There were so many points where i fall in love with this song more and more.I can only think of the word "Lovely" for this..Really!!!! Please JUMP,sing this on concert!!!!
      The moment i downloaded the album,i listened this song first.As everyone was saying this song is great. I started listening.The first 20 second were urging me to leave this song.Why so long intro?I almost got fed up but then yamada's voice showed up and i was glad the song actually started.Despite my bad first impression,this song became one of my favourite songs of the album..I loved this ballad.I must say here,JUMP show their best singing skills in ballad songs.They are suited for this.It is such a fabulous song.I love when JUMP combine all 9 voices to give us such a awesome song..They really know how to give us a good song.And at the end of song,I loved the music.I didn't got irritated by it as it was perfect for ending..
      Did  i ever told you i love ballad??This ballad song really got me.I really loved this song.I got a lump of tears in my throat which remained their for whole 4:33 minutes..HOW?HOW were you able to sing such a lovely song JUMP?(cryinggg) And the  music at start didn't irritaed me surprisingly..I loved it.Yamada,Yabu and Dai chan voices were so beautiful.Such angelic voices always soothes me!!I just can't describe it anymore than this.This song successfully landed on my favourite ballad songs i.e. Tada Mae e,Eve and Eternal...
       AHHHHH!!! I never imagined SUPERMAN gonna be like this.I thought it was one of those hilarious songs JUMP always sings..But I was WROOONNNGGG..This song is one of my top 3 songs of this album...JUMP so coooooolllll!!!! Yes You are my SUPERMANS... Really i can't help but replay this song..This song really makes you stand up from your chair...I'm shocked.I'm really surprised.This song literally got me..I really really wanna see live performance of this song.And i'm positive they'll perform it.It's the similar to Boys Don't Stop.similar not same....This is the song you'll not be able to resist.
       Ok.This was the song which got my hopes high.I really fantasized this song in a very good way but i hit the hard ground when i heard it.Now many of you like this kind of song.But for me,No.Dai chan your seducing voice didn't worked on me..May be i can like this song if they ever performed it on concert.But for now,no.I'm forcing myself to listen this song now because i have to write a review.Bye bye order.Not gonna listen to it again.
12.Tasty U.
        Wait let me laugh first.(hahahahahhaha) The start of this song first led me to India and then I visited DUBAI.I remember i used to listen arabic songs on TV in my childhood(in Dubai) and this felt nostalgic.The song itself is really good but a little bit messed up.The way Yamada say's "Aishita" really made me remember my childhood(those days were great).I liked this song.Not favourite but will listen to it from time to time.My imagination took me to another world when i read the name(hahhahaha)
       Hmm this song is good.i guess?It's kind of different.The start didn't got me but after 1 minute,i liked it.Oh Inoo,when did your voice improved so much??You are getting better day by day..Every song shows how much you have improved.It's a good song but i don't think it's going in my playlist.But will definately listen to it after every 2 weeks or so.
      Looks like a song which cartoon characters will sing(pfftttt ok sorry sorry).It's ok,but childish.I think the most childish song of this album.The shoobydoobby part is veryyyyy childish.hmmm,not gonna say anything else.This song is just ok(for me).
       Oh another ballad for me.Yabu started it which was perfect.And takaki's voice is healing.I seriously doubt the name of song but it's ok.As long as the song is good i don't mind the name.It's really a soft song.Love it..
16.Brand New World.
       What JUMP?are you making a new world?That was my first thought.It was good not that good but still....ok.But i don't think i can listen to it anymore.It was like HERO..kind of tune..soo not my type of song..
     This song is sang by the duo Hikaru and Inoo..All of you must have heard that the name of song is from their regular radio program where they seduce things.So of course this song was about seducing.The seducing object was a straw(hahah) the first time i read the lyrics translation i was really surprised that they are saying such words as i didn't knew they were seducing an object.I laughed so hard at this song.The starting is just like the starting music of a veryyyyy old game(hhahahaha)But the way they used there voices was really seducing.It was definately seducing.I was kind of hoping that Inoo may use his piano skills for the unit song but...oh well.it's great this way..
      OMG  what a name for the winning team.I loved the name.And Takaki's voice was so sexyy...He was so perfect in this..I loved Takaki's voice in this song..This song just makes me snap my fingers.Yabu,Yuto,Takaki...this combination is so good.I loved this song.I just want to see the PV for this song.I'm really curious...
       KAWAIIIIIIII!!!!! tHIS WAS THE ONLY WORD THAT CAME IN MY MIND FOR THIS SONG...So cute..I never imagined Chinen and Keito will go for this type of song..Both of them has cute voices in this song and it was so great when they used everyone's name..I loved their love for others.As the song starts with Kid's voices like they are in the park followed by cute chinen and keito's voice,i imagined them wearing Jumper and holding balloons in their hands.The cuteness was overload in this song.Love it..
4.My Girl
         The No. 1 song from this album which stole my heart.I really like Yamada and Dai chan combination and i was realllyyy looking forward to their song and i'm not disappointed.My Girl....I'm really glad i'm a girl(cryinngg)....I never heard such a song from JUMP.. Yamada and Dai chan voice blended incredibly..Yamada vocals and Dai chan's rap...PERFECT..I want them to sing this kind of RnB SONG AGAIN...i really love it...Dai chan was so awesome and Yamada was FABULOUS..... Yamada used his best vocals here and i can't get it out of my mind.."She's my girl.She's my baby"(Help meeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!) How can i ignore these voices.These lovely lines...."""Forever And Ever,She's MY Girl""" ..Tell me how to survive these lines?(LOL,i'm flailing wayyy too much on this song) But seriously,such a perfect song.How can someone ignore Yamada's vocals at 2:54???No He's irrestible...I can write a long Essay on this Song but i'm getting tired by writing..It's getting long..Such a PERFECT SONG.I give it 100 marks....

    Overall,This album is great...It's perfect for me.I know some of you like smart  more but for me this album is Best....Except for 2 songs,I'm loving this album.My Favourite are My Girl,SUPERMAN,Eternal,Masquerade and Dear. acordingly.I don't know if i'm really biased here but Yamada,Dai chan and Takaki ruled this album.They were really great in this album.I'm glad Takaki got his fair share in this album.So what do you think about this album??Do you like it as much as i do??


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